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C19 Index

see entry for Nineteenth Century Index


CAB Abstracts

Access information: Access (on and off-campus).
Description: CAB Abstracts is the world's leading agricultural database. Find journals, books, conferences and reports. It covers significant research and development literature in the fields of animal and crop husbandry, animal and plant breeding, plant protection, genetics, forestry, veterinary medicine, aspects of human health, human nutrition, rural development, leisure and tourism and the management and conservation of natural resources.
Coverage: 1910-present.



Access: On and off campus.
Description: CAIRN offers online access to the full text of over 400 journals in French language published in France and Belgium since 2001, in the subjects of humanities and social sciences. There are also several thousand abstracts and hundreds of full-text articles in English which are either originally published in English or translated from French.


CAIRSS for Music

Access information: Free access from The University of Texas at San Antonio.
Description: CAIRSS (Computer-Assisted Information Retrieval Service Systemis) is a bibliographic database of music research literature in music education, music psychology, music therapy, and music medicine.


Access information: Access on and off campus. Individual titles are also available via the Library catalogue.
Description: This collection provides access to over 36,600 Cambridge University Press e-books across all disciplines. Each title is listed in DiscoverEd and further titles will be added to the collection on a monthly basis.


Access information: Access on and off campus.
Description: Cross search the complete collection of Cambridge Companions. Full text is available for all publications. The Collections comprises the Companions to Literature and the Classics, the Companions to Music and the Companions to Philosophy, Religion and Culture.


Cambridge Edition of the Works of Ben Jonson Online

Access information. Access on and off campus.
Description. This is the online edition of the same seven-volume print title, but not just. The fully searchable online edition includes all the original introductions, collations, and commentary, but it also complements, develops, and vastly extends the print edition with a large and flexible array of textual and contextual materials. In addition, the Online Edition includes a comprehensive body of essays and archives necessary for full study of Jonson’s life, performance history, and afterlife. In total, the edition contains around 90 old-spelling texts, 550 contextual documents, 80 essays, several hundred high-quality images, and 100 music scores; it lists details of more than 1300 stage performances, and has a cross-linked bibliography of over 7000 items.


Access information: Access on and off campus.
Description: A unique historical reference compendium which provides access to the full text of the Cambridge Histories series. Contains over 300 volumes.
  Subjects covered include American, British and Economic history, Language and Linguistics, Literary Studies, Philosophy, Music and Political Social theory.
  Books can be browsed by, title, chapter or author or search across volumes.
Note: Access is to all titles published to 2014



Access information: CancerLit is now only available as a subset of Medline or PubMed. To access via Medline, go to Edit Limits and select Cancer from the subject subsets menu. The National Cancer Institute has set up tailor-made searches on more than 100 topics that can be run against the PubMed databases. See additional information for details.
Description: See Medline or PubMed.


Capital IQ (S&P)

Access information:

Self-registration required.  To register visit: and Click on New User?  Enter your University email address and follow the instructions to complete registration.


Capital IQ is widely used in industry and combines deep global company information, credit ratings and research and market research with tools for risk assessments. It provides access to both real-time and historical information and:

• Global Company Data: financials, fixed income, estimates and ownership

• Qualitative Data: key developments, transactions, profiles, people, relationships, private equity

• Macroeconomic and commodity data


Carcanet Poetry Collection

Access information:

Access on and off campus.


Carcanet publishes the most comprehensive and diverse list of modern and classic poetry in English and in translation, as well as a range of inventive fiction, Lives and Letters and literary criticism. The digital Carcanet Collection offers access to more than 100 titles, including career-defining new work from the poets laureate of Jamaica (Mervyn Morris) and Wales (Gillian Clarke), a debut from rising star Joey Connolly, plus much-anticipated follow-up collections from Sinead Morrissey, Tara Bergin, Caroline Bird and Karen McCarthy Woolf. Each title, and the collection as a whole, is fully-searchable by keyword. Mobile users can also download the 'Exactly' app on an iOS or Android device from the relevant app store, and instantly access the book collection.  Access will be granted to new e-books published throughout the year.


Carlyle Letters

Access information: Available free on and off-campus.
Description: The Carlyle Letters Online includes over 12,000 letter written by Thomas and Jane Welsh Carlyle from 1812 to 1859, including correspondence with more than 600 recipients, such as Rober Browning, George Eliot, Ralph Waldo Emerson, John Stuart Mill and Charles Dickens.
Coverage: 1812-1859.
Additional Information: For further information about the Carlyle Letters project, please see the School of English Literature website here.


Access information: Access on and off campus
Description: The Casalini full text platform (Torrossa) provides access to a selection of 1,902 scholarly e-books from Italian and Spanish academic publishers since 2000 for University of Edinburgh users. The collection consists of 1,188 titles on Italian studies and Italian literature and 714 titles on Spanish studies. The books are in Italian or Spanish and can be either downloaded or viewed online in PDF format (it is necessary to disable pop-up blocks on your web browser and also in your Google tool bar if applicable). The e-book collection is fully searchable, including by words in the full text.  There are records for the individual titles in DiscoverEd.


CC Search: Creative Commons images search

Access information: Freely available.

Openly licensed and public domain images. CC does not verify whether the images are properly CC licensed, or whether the attribution and other licensing information we have aggregated is accurate or complete.

Copyright: Verification of the licensing status and attribution information of an image is required before it is re-used.



Census Data Support Unit: Census Flow Data

Access information: Available on and off-campus from WICID (the Web-based Interface to Census Interaction Data). Choose Login via UK Federation. Registration is required. Follow the registration link for details.
Description: Census flow data (also known as interaction data) relate to flows of people between places, both origins and destinations.
Coverage: Migration and commuting data from the 1981, 1991, 2001 and 2011census data.
Additional Information

For more information and advice on online Census material is available from the Data Library.


Census Dissemination Unit

see entry for UK Data Service



Central and Eastern European Online Library (CEEOL)

Access information:

Access on and off campus


Central and Eastern European Online Library: gives access to thousands of academic full-text e-journals and e-books in the Humanities and Social Sciences, from and about Central and Eastern Europe.  Our subscription gives you access to the following subject categories: fine arts, performing arts, music, architecture and photography. 


CERN Document Server (CDS)

Access information: Free access on and off-campus from CERN.
Description: Approximately 950,000 bibliographic records for particle physics material and related areas, includes 360,000 full text documents and covers preprints, articles, books, journals, photographs and standards. Email alerts or RSS feeds are available.


Cetedoc Library of Christian Latin Texts

see Library of Latin Texts Online



CHCC Historical Censuses Collection

Access information: Available on and off-campus from CHCC. Registration is required.
Description: The service provides access and support for a range of historical datasets, promoting and facilitating increased and more effective use of data in research, learning and teaching.
Additional Information For more information and advice on online Census material is available from the Data Library.




Child Development and Adolescent Studies

Access information: Access on and off campus.
Description: This database covers current and historical literature relating to the growth and development of children. This includes all of the issues of Child Development Abstracts & Bibliography from 1927-2001 previously published by the Society for Research in Child Development, plus new coverage on child rights and welfare issues. Content includes records and abstracts of books reviews, journals, dissertation and thesis.



Chile and the United States: U.S. Policy toward Democracy, Dictatorship, and Human Rights, 1970–1990

Access information: Access on and off-campus.
Description: This collection presents 2,842 once-secret, U.S. records--among them hundreds of declassified Top Secret CIA operational memos, cables, and reports--as well as records from the archives and courts of other nations tracing the U.S. role in Chile from the Nixon administration's covert efforts to block the election and inauguration of Salvador Allende, through the military takeover of September 11, 1973, to the end of Gen. Augusto Pinochet's dictatorship and his eventual arrest in London.



China Academic Journals

Access information:

Access on and off-campus (select China Academic Journals)


Full-text database of 10,243 China academic journals covering all subject areas in science, technology, medicine, arts, humanities and social sciences. The database consists of 10 series which are further divided into 168 subjects. Edinburgh University users have access to all these. Some journals date back to the first issue in 1915.  Articles are in simplified Chinese in PDF format. The database is fully searchable in simplified Chinese by article title, journal title, author, and keyword in the full texts across all the journals and all the subjects. Searching in English will also retrieve a certain number of articles which have English abstracts. The default database platform is in English, but you can easily switch it to the Chinese interface at the top right corner. User Guide is also downloadable from the button at the very top of the database screen.

Coverage: 1915 to present.
Note: The CNKI platform user manual can be found here.



China Core Newspapers

(access to index level content only)

Access information:

Access on and off-campus. Access to index level content only.

Description: A full-text database of articles from 633 newspapers in China. Updated daily. Although we have not purchased the full-text access, searching for bibliographical information is free.
Coverage: 2000 to present.
Note: The CNKI platform user manual can be found here.



China Culture and Society

Access information:

Access on and off campus


Spanning three centuries (c. 1750-1929), this resource makes available for the first time extremely rare pamphlets from Cornell University Library’s Charles W. Wason Collection on East Asia, one of the oldest and most distinctive collections of its kind and a very rich source for research on China for teachers and students from undergraduate-level to research-level and beyond.  Digitised in its entirety and in full colour, the Wason collection of c. 1,200 pamphlets encompasses speeches, guides, reports, essays, catalogues, magazine articles and other material addressing Chinese history, culture, and everyday life. The resource is full-text searchable, allowing for the collection to be comprehensively explored and studied. The wide variety of research interests and themes covered by the pamphlets include education, emigration, the foreign presence, missionaries, wars, rebellion, reform, opium, healthcare and language. 



China Doctoral and Masters Dissertations Full-text Database

Access information:

Access on and off-campus (select China Doctor/Master Dissertations Full-Text Database).

Description: The database consists of two parts: China Doctoral Dissertations and China Masters’ Theses. They contain thousands of such texts from higher education institutions and research institutes in China since 1984, in the broad subject areas in arts, humanities and social sciences, including art, literature, language, history, philosophy, military affairs, law, education, economics and management. Coverage of dissertations and theses from top universities and research institutes, including "985 Project" and "211 Project" universities and Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, is almost complete. The database is cross-searchable with China Academic Journals which we also subscribe to.
Coverage: 1984 onwards
Note: The CNKI platform user manual can be found here.



China Law Info (Chinese language version)

Access Information: Access on and off campus
Description: Also known as Beida fabao, China Law Info is a bilingual database for China legal documents and information. The database provides both the original Chinese version and the English translation of China laws and regulations, judicial cases, tax treaties, white papers, law journals and gazettes, as well as other China legal information such as legal news and legislative/regulatory updates. The database is updated daily. .
Note: The English version can also be accessed from the Chinese version by clicking the menu button ‘English’. All the English translations are accompanied by their original Chinese texts and the English and Chinese texts can be displayed side by side. All the documents can be read online or downloaded by clicking the ‘Download’ button in the top right corner.



Access information: Available on campus and off campus.
Description: This is a digital library of some 710,000 Chinese e-books covering all subjects of learning. The Library has purchased no more than 1,000 e-books from this database. All the titles, whether purchased or not, can be searched and contents displayed. Purchased items can be read in full text in their entirety while other items are available as full text for the first 17 pages.
  We will continue to purchase more items on user recommendation. If you see anything important to you, click on ‘tuijian’ (recommend) and the whole book will be available within a week.  Chinese e-books from this database are not yet listed in DiscoverEd.



Chinese Foreign Policy Database

Access information: Access on and off campus.
Description: The Chinese Foreign Policy Database enhances the ability of contemporary observers and historians to gain broader perspectives on Chinese policies. Curating 1000s of documents from Chinese and international archives, it offers insights into China’s foreign policy since 1949 and its relationship to ideology, revolution, the economy, and traditional Chinese culture. The Database is generously supported by the MacArthur Foundation.



Chinese Newspapers Collection (1832-1953)

Access information: Access on and off campus.
Description: The database provides access to the full text of about a dozen English language newspapers published in China during the said period. It includes historical local, regional and national news on a wide range of issues of the day. The database is cross searchable with other ProQuest historical newspapers or with all the ProQuest databases we have purchased or subscribed to.
Coverage: 1832-1953



Chinese Periodical Full-text Database (1911-1949)

Access information: Access on and off campus.  If the database becomes too slow please try switching to
Description: The database currently consists of eleven series, containing the full text of more than 10,000 periodicals published during this important Minguo (i.e. Republic of China) period. it is cross searchable with the Late Qing Dynasty Full-text Periodicals 1833-1911.
Further information User manual can be downloaded here 




Chosun Ilbo Archive

Access information: Access on and off campus.

One of the major newspapers in South Korea, available in PDF format.

Coverage: 1920 to present

Guide for Chosun Ilbo Archive (ENG)

Guide for Chosun Ilbo Archive (KOR)



Christian-Muslim Relations Vol 1 and 2


Access information:

Access on and off campus.

Vol.1 Link

Vol. 2 Link


Christian-Muslim Relations, a Bibliographical History Online is a general history of relations between the two faiths as this is represented in works written by Christians and Muslims about the other and against the other.  

Vol.1 covers the period from 600 to 1500, when encounters took place through the extended Mediterranean basin and are recorded in Syriac, Arabic, Greek, Latin and other languages.  

Vol.2 covers all parts of the world in the period 1500-1914.



Churchill Archive

Access information: Access on and off campus.

Until recently the only way to access this historical resource was to visit the Churchill Archives Centre in Cambridge, now researchers can browse the nearly 800,000 private letters, speeches, telegrams, manuscripts, government transcripts and other key historical documents within the archive.

Search the Churchill catalogue online, browse by topic and period and explore the people and places which appear in the archive.



Church Missionary Society Periodicals Module 1: Global Missions and Contemporary Encounters, 1804-2009

Access information:

Access on and off campus


From its roots as an Anglican evangelical movement driven by lay persons, this resource encompasses publications from the CMS and the latterly integrated South American Missionary Society. Documenting missionary work from the 19th to the 21st century, the periodicals include news, journals and reports offering a unique perspective on global history and cultural encounter. 



Church Missionary Society Periodicals Module 2: Medical Journals, Asian Missions and the Historical Record

Access information:

Access on or off campus.


The focus of this second module is on the publications of CMS medical mission auxiliaries, the work of the Church of England Zenana Missionary Society among women in Asia and the Middle East, newsletters from native churches and student missions in China and Japan, and 'home' material including periodicals aimed specifically at women and children subscribers. Articles, often in the form of letters authored by missionaries abroad, are enhanced by detailed illustrations and photographs of their surroundings, the mission community and the people among whom they worked.



CIA Family Jewels Indexed

Access information: Access on and off campus.

The work of the National Security Archive's efforts over 15 years to obtain the CIA's most closely held secrets about their domestic intelligence activities conducted at the height of the Cold War, through 1973. Among the most controversial documents ever compiled by the Central Intelligence Agency, the "Family Jewels" represents the CIA's own view, in 1973, of those domestic activities it had engaged in up to that time that were outside its charter, hence illegal.



CIAO - Columbia International Affairs Online Columbia

Access information: Access on and off campus.
Description: A source for theory and research in international affairs containing a wide range of scholarship on that includes working papers from university conferences. Each section of CIAO is regularly updated with new material.
Coverage: From 1991.



CINAHL Plus- Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature

Access information: Access on and off campus. 

Covers 4,175 nursing, allied health, biomedicine, behavioural science, education and consumer health journal sand a wide range of other material including books, dissertations, educational software and audiovisual material. Abstracts and alerts are available.

Detailed information about CINAHL

Coverage: From 1937.
Help: Online tutorial
Additional Information: NHS Staff and other authorised users:The Knowledge Network



Access information: Available on and off campus.

CiNii (Scholarly and Academic Information Navigator, pronounced like "sigh-knee") is a database service which can be searched with academic information of articles, Books, Journals & Dissertations. It is available free of charge for anyone.

CiNii Articles enables you to search information on academic articles published in academic society journals, university research bulletins or articles included in the National Diet Library's Japanese Periodicals Index Database. About CiNii Articles

CiNii Books enables you to search information of books and journals held by university libraries in Japan. About CiNii Books

CiNii Dissertations enables you to search information on dissertations written for doctoral degrees in Japan conferred by Japanese Universities and the National Institute for Academic Degrees and University Evaluation. About CiNii Dissertations



Cite Them Right

Access Information: Access on and off campus - Click on the grey 'Login' button, top right corner and select University of Edinburgh to log in using your University Login.
Description: Cite them right online is a comprehensive guide to referencing almost anything you will come across in the course of your studies or research. Cite Them Right also includes a Referencing Tutorial.  To access the Tutorial, you will now have the option to create an account and sign in as an authenticated user so that the Tutorial can remember your progress, or to explore freely without signing in and therefore without remembering your progress



Climate Change and Law Collection

Access information:

Access on and off campus


This comprehensive collection of climate change and law documents contains original source, non-edited and non-redacted “grey literature” (non-peer reviewed) in English, centered on climate change and the law. Incorporated in the category of ‘law’ is any discipline of law which addressed climate change, including corporate law, environmental law and human rights law. Materials in the collection originate from a wide range of organizations in the public and private sector, institutions, and/or individuals, world-wide.




Access information:

Access on and off campus


ClinicalKey (from Elsevier) is a clinical search engine that helps health professionals make decisions anywhere, anytime, in any patient scenario.  ClinicalKey’s Smart Search saves time by preventing unnecessary extra searches.  ClinicalKey allows you to access the latest (indexed daily), most evidence-based answers in every medical and surgical speciality and contains the fulltext of Elsevier e-journals, e-books as well as videos, images and guidelines.

Note: Videos cannot be downloaded for offline viewing.  Additional institution login is required to download e-book chapter PDFs.
Coverage: See



Cochrane Clinical Answers

Access information: Access on and off campus.

Cochrane Clinical Answers (CCAs) provide a readable, digestible, clinically focused entry point to rigorous research from Cochrane systematic reviews. They are designed to be actionable and to inform decision making at the point of care. Each Cochrane Clinical Answer contains a clinical question, a short answer, and an opportunity to ‘drill down’ to the evidence from relevant Cochrane reviews.



Cochrane Interactive Learning

Access information: Access on and off-campus. Initial registration must be on campus or via VPN - see notes.
Description: Self-paced learning modules on the full process for conducting systematic reviews according to Cochrane Collaboration guidance. The content is created by systematic review methods experts. There are nine modules presented using text and multi-media, and including self-assessment in the form of exercises and quizzes. Your progress through the modules is recorded so that you can see what you’ve completed and pick up where you left off. For more information please see 

The first time you use this resource, you need to register to create account so that your progress may be recorded. To register, you need to be on the University network, or to use the Virtual Private Network (VPN). Access to the University network via the VPN.

There is a two-stage registration process – if you already have a Cochrane account, you can skip the first step:

  1. Create your Cochrane account using this link:  You’ll then need to activate your account by clicking a link in an email sent to you.
  2. After you’ve activated your account, use this link :  to login and register for the Interactive Learning modules with your Cochrane account.



Cochrane Library

Access information: Access on and off campus. 

Used to inform the practice of evidence-based medicine. Cochrane includes the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, Database of Abstracts of Reviews of Effectiveness, the Cochrane Review Methodology Database and the Cochrane Controlled Trials Register. Updated quarterly.

Detailed information about the Cochrane Library


Cold Spring Harbor Protocols

see entry for CSH Protocols


Columbia Gazetteer

Access information: Access on and off campus.
Description: The Columbia Gazetteer of the World Online contains over 170,000 articles or entries on all types of places throughout the world; both physical places and political entities.




Access information: Access on and off-campus.
Description: The database of Engineering Index, providing coverage of the world's significant engineering and technological literature including journals, books, technical reports and conference proceedings.
Coverage: 1884 - present



Complete Anatomy by 3D4Medical

Access information: Access on and off campus (requires application to be downloaded - see notes for instructions)

Interactive 3D anatomy learning resource. Complete Anatomy includes: layering of anatomical elements; interactive labelling; animations; quizzes and other tools.

*Please note that the in-app Courses are not included in the Library subscription*

Notes: In order to gain access, you need to register while on campus, or if you are off-campus with Virtual Private Network (VPN) enabled. To get started, 
  1. download the Complete Anatomy 2018 app via the Apple, Microsoft or Google app stores.
  2. open the app and select the Profile icon.
  3. select Register for free.
  4. Register in-app while on-campus or using VPN while off-campus. After registration, the app may be used off-campus without VPN.
To set up the VPN on your device, see:



Access information: Access on and off campus (Choose [IP access] next to The Complete Classics Collection of Ancient China at the top of the page).
Description: The digital edition of the great encyclopedic compendium of the most important classics of China. The original printed copy was completed in 1726, consisting of 6 series and 6109 titles and covering nearly every subject in pre-18th century China such as astronomy, geography, history, philosophy, literature, politics, economy, art, education, agriculture, medicine. Contents are displayed in both text and image formats, and are fully searchable in traditional Chinese characters.
  The compendium is the biggest of its kind in the world (only exceeded in scope by another Chinese encyclopedia, the 15th century Yong Le Da Dian most of which had been destroyed during wars). Ideal for quickly looking up most topics relating to pre-18th century China.



Computer Index of Nuclear Reaction Data (CINDA)

Access information: Freely available.

Bibliographic references to measurements, calculations, reviews, and evaluations of neutron cross-sections and other microscopic neutron data. Includes index references to numerical neutron data from four regional neutron data centers.

Photonuclear and charged particle reaction data included since 2005.

Coverage: Two automatic updates from EXFOR and NSR each year.



Concise Oxford Dictionary of Art Terms



Access information: Access on and off-campus.
Description: This collection contains searchable British government documents from the National Archives of the UK, a linked Chronology of World War II, cine film from the Imperial War Museum London and newly commissioned thematic essays to create a primary-source research environment for students, teachers and researchers.
Coverage: 1940-1945.



Congressional Record

Access Information: Access on and off campus
Description: ProQuest Congressional is a comprehensive online collection of primary source congressional publications and legislative research materials covering all topics, including government, current events, politics, economics, business, science and technology, international relations, social issues, finance, insurance, and medicine. Finding aid for congressional hearings, committee prints, committee reports and documents from 1970-present, and the daily Congressional Record from 1985-present. Compiled legislative histories from 1969-present.



Construction Information Service

Note: Use the British Standards Online database for full-text access to British Standards and Eurocodes
Access information: Access on campus. Available off campus using the VPN.
Description: The Construction Information Service provides instant full-text access to current regulations, standards, technical advice and a vast array of related news and briefings. Key institutes and organisations that contribute to the service include: IStructE, CIRIA, CIOB, SCI, The Concrete Society, TRL, AJ, BSRIA, RIAI.
Additional information: British Standards Online for full text access to British Standards and Eurocodes



Context of Scripture Online

Access information: Access on and off campus.
Description: Context of Scripture Online is a reference work aiming to provide access to a broad, balanced, and representative collection of Ancient Near Eastern texts that have an impact on the interpretation of the Bible. These ancient Egyptian, Semitic, Akkadian and Sumerian writings form the rich background to the literature of the Hebrew Bible. Access via Brill Reference Online.



The Coptic Gnostic Library Online

Access information: Access on and off campus.

The Coptic Gnostic Library is a complete online edition of the Nag Hammadi Codices, which continue where the Dead Sea Scrolls left off. Written in Coptic, they are the main sources of information for the Gnostic religion.

In order to view the contents, installation of the Unicode font Antinoou is recommended. Access via Brill Reference Online.




Access information: Access on and off campus. Available from CORDIS.
Description: Community Research and Development Information Service database, produced by Directorate General XIII of the EC, giving access to information on EC-sponsored scientific and technical research and development.


Corpus Christianorum

see Library of Latin Texts Online



Country Life Archive

Access information: Access on and off campus.

A comprehensive archive (1897 to 2005) of the weekly British culture and lifestyle magazine, Country Life, focusing on fine art and architecture, the great country houses, and rural living. Every page is fully searchable, and reproduced in full color and high resolution. Country Life Archive presents a chronicle of more than 100 years of British heritage, including its art, architecture, and landscapes, with an emphasis on leisure pursuits such as antique collecting, hunting, shooting, equestrian news, and gardening.

Coverage: 1897 to 2005



Critical Editions of the New Testament Online

Access information:

Access on or off campus.


Digital collection of the principal critical editions of the New Testament including lists of variant readings and collections of manuscript transcriptions and collations from the late seventeenth to the early twentieth century. A number of the most useful editions of the ancient versions and of ancillary materials have been included.


Culverhouse Classical Music

see Film & Sound Online



CSH ( Cold Spring Harbour) Protocols

Access information: Access (on and off campus)

Cold Spring Harbor Protocols is an interdisciplinary journal providing a definitive source of research methods in cell, developmental and molecular biology, genetics, bioinformatics, protein science, computational biology, immunology, neuroscience and imaging.

Each monthly issue details multiple essential methods-a mix of cutting-edge and well-established techniques. Newly commissioned protocols and unsolicited submissions are supplemented with articles based on Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory’s renowned courses and manuals.

All protocols are up-to-date and presented in a consistent, easy-to-follow format.



The Cuban Missile Crisis, 1962

Access information: Access on and off campus. 

The Cuban Missile Crisis, 1962 (from the Digital National Security Archive) presents an integrated, comprehensive record of U.S. decision making during the most dangerous U.S.-Soviet confrontation in the nuclear era.

Much of the documentation focuses on U.S. decision making during what Robert Kennedy called the "Thirteen Days" of the missile crisis—from McGeorge Bundy's October 16, 1962 briefing of President Kennedy on the discovery of Soviet missiles in Cuba to Nikita Khrushchev's October 28 decision to withdraw the weapons.

The numerous intelligence reports, diplomatic cables, political analyses, military situation reports, and meeting minutes included in the set portray both the deliberative process and the execution of critical decisions made by the Kennedy administration during the crisis.



The Cuban Missile Crisis: 50th Anniversary Update

Access information: Access on and off campus.

This is a rich update consisting the latest declassified documentation on the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962, supplementing the DNSA’s collections, with never-before-published records from U.S. and Soviet archives, highlights from the archive of Anastas Mikoyan - the Soviet leader who negotiated the end of the crisis, U.S. Navy tracking reports, briefing documents for the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and formerly classified U.S. intelligence materials. Also in this update are 4 volumes of the CIA’s internal history of the Bay of Pigs invasion of 1961.



Current Digest of the Russian Press

Access information: Access on and off campus.

Founded in 1949, The Current Digest was first published as The Current Digest of the Soviet Press (1949-1991), followed by The Current Digest of the Post-Soviet Press (1992-2010), and now The Current Digest of the Russian Press since January 2011 (from issue No. 3, Vol. 63).

Each week the Current Digest presents a selection of Russian-language press materials, translated into English.

The translations are intended for use in teaching and research. They are therefore presented as documentary materials without elaboration or comment, and state the opinions and views of the original authors, not of the publisher of the journal.

Coverage: 1949-current.