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Tanzania and Malawi in records from colonial missionaries, 1857-1965

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Containing over 54,000 digitised pages from Bodleian's Commonwealth and African manuscripts and archives, this database contains documents relating to the UMCA’s (Universities’ Mission to Central Africa) activities in Tanzania and Malawi during the period 1857-1965. The papers provide an insight into the spread of Christianity in Central Africa. Made up of 5 volumes it includes ‘Central Africa’ magazine, missionaries’ correspondence and journals as well as miscellaneous correspondence, press cuttings, books and conference papers.

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Description: Education and teaching index drawn from more than 280 popular teacher and administrator trade journals, periodicals, and books.


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Description: The definitive reference in the field of English language teaching, the TESOL Encyclopedia of English Language Teaching explores the theoretical and practical aspects of English language instruction by providing an essential, go-to reference resource for educators, professionals, researchers, and students world-wide. Over 750 entries written by leading practitioners and scholars from around the globe reflect the collaborative efforts of a truly international team of editors and advisory board members. The Encyclopedia is arranged thematically and entries are ordered A-Z within each of these themes. Fifteen key topic areas are covered, with each entry organized into three sections: framing the issue; making the case; pedagogical implications.


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Description: The database is part of the ARTFL Project. It contains transcribed texts of 103 Old French and Middle French works from the 12th through 15th century


Textual History of the Bible Online

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The Textual History of the Bible Online (THBO) is unique in providing, for the first time, a cross-searchable platform with all available information regarding the textual history, textual character, translation techniques, manuscripts, and the importance of each textual witness for each book of the Hebrew Bible, including its deutero-canonical scriptures. In addition, it includes articles on the history of research, the editorial histories of the Hebrew Bible, as well as other aspects of text-critical research and its auxiliary fields, such as papyrology, codicology, and linguistics.


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Description: Theatre in Video contains more than 250 definitive performances of the world's leading plays, together with more than 100 film documentaries, online in streaming video - more than 500 hours in all, representing hundreds of leading playwrights, actors and directors. This video resource is searchable by title, actor, playwright, and subject. It is also browsable by actor, director, playwright, genre, and dates. It is possible to bookmark specific scenes, monologues, and staging examples and then include those online links in learning and teaching material and in Virtual Learning Environment (VLE).


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Description: The Thesaurus Linguae Graecae (TLG) is based at the University of California, Irvine. Founded in 1972 the TLG has already collected and digitized most literary texts written in Greek from Homer to the fall of Byzantium in AD 1453. Its goal is to create a comprehensive digital library of Greek literature from antiquity to the present.
Note: Users may not under any circumstances download, print, make copies of and/or distribute TLG materials.
Note: First time users will be asked to register. Subsequent access requires both the University network access and the login you created. The register/login link is located at the top right corner of the TLG website.
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Description: The Thesaurus linguae Latinae is not only the largest Latin dictionary in the world, but also the first to cover all the Latin texts from the classical period up to about 600 A.D. 31 academies, and scholarly societies from 23 countries support the work of the Bayerische Akademie (Thesaurusburo Munchen). The two databases of Bibliotheca Teubneriana Latina (BTL) and Thesaurus Linguae Latinae (TLL) are linked by a common user interface, so that the Thesaurus and the Latin texts of the Bibliotheca Teubneriana can be accessed through one panel, which allows various and differentiated searches.


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Description: The database offers access to every complete page of every issue of The Times (London), including every headline, article, editorial, birth and death notice, and advertisement. The newspaper can be viewed either at the article or full-page level, and is searchable across all the 7.6 million articles.
  For the full-text contents (not page images) of the last 20 years, please see entries for LexisLibrary or Factiva.
Coverage: From 1785 to 2011.


For historic content (1785-2011) see The Times Digital Archive.

Access information: Available on and off campus via LexisLibrary. Select the ‘Source’ tab and select title from the A-Z list. Available on campus and via the VPN from Factiva. Click on Source and select title from A-Z list or search for title. Cookies must be enabled on your browser.
Description: Full text of broadsheet newspapers available online on the day of publication. Some articles by freelancers, some features and some supplements may not be available.
Coverage: LexisLibrary; From 1st July 1985.
  Factiva: The Times: 2nd Jan 1981 Sunday Times: 4th Jan 1981 (For both: Selected coverage from 4 January 1981 to 6 July 1985, Abstracts from 4 January 1981 to 6 July 1985).


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Online articles and digital editions from the THE website, with the option of a weekly email alert when the new edition is available. THE app is available for download.

Access is available for the latest weekly edition, as well as full text  dating back to January 2013.  An archive of earlier articles can be searched.

Coverage: Latest weekly edition and full text from January 2013 onwards.
Note: Older content, back to 2000, is available from LexisLibrary


The Times of India

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The world's largest circulation English daily newspaper. Founded in 1838 to serve the British residents of West India, The Times of India now circulates more than 4 million copies, covering almost 8 million Readers.

Particularly valuable for its coverage of key historical events in India, including the rise of Gandhi's Civil Disobedience movement, the 1947 Independence and Partition through to the landmark date of 1998 when Pakistan became a nuclear power.

Coverage: 1838 - 


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Description The TLS weekly is the essential companion for studying and researching literary activity and critical opinion makers of the 20th and 21st centuries. Since 1902, the TLS has scrutinized, applauded and dissected the work of leading writers and thinkers, offering comprehensive coverage of the most important publications, in every subject, in several languages, as well as reviewing current theatre, cinema, music, and exhibitions. The TLS Historical Archive offers the complete online fully-searchable edition from the first edition in 1902 up to 2011. It allows you to explore an archive of over 300,000 reviews, letters and poems, and to access previously unpublished, comprehensive biographical information about the contributors – many of whom originally wrote for the paper anonymously. Content from 2012 onwards can be searched and full text retrieved via FACTIVA, though this is no facsimile version for browsing. You can limit search in TLS only by selecting this publication within All Sources. Neither the historical archive nor the current content are covered by DiscoverEd search at the moment
Additional Information Supported browsers - also clear cache if having difficulties.  
Coverage: Content over 4 yrs old released on a monthly basis.



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TradeLawGuide provides comprehensive and methodical research tools for WTO law.  Its primary document collection includes the WTO agreements and instruments, jurisprudence, dispute settlement procedural documents and negotiating history. Designed to account for the important role of jurisprudence in the development of WTO law, a suite of citators provides comprehensive substantive references to WTO, pre-WTO and Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties provisions as well as cross-references within jurisprudence to interpret provisions and update or distinguish jurisprudence.  Annotated Agreements, Treaty Interpretation, Terms & Phrases, Subject Navigator, Dispute Settlement Body Minutes (for policy issues arising in jurisprudence) and Jurisprudence Pending provide additional value-added content.  Sophisticated full-text search functions are provided for all research tools and document collections along with detailed summaries and commentaries on WTO jurisprudence.



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Description: Translated Texts for Historians book series makes available historical sources from 300-800 AD translated into English, in many cases for the first time.
  The geographic range covers Syria, Arabia, Armenia, Georgia and Egypt in the East; North Africa; major cities of the Roman Empire (Antioch, Alexandria and Constantinople); and Spain, Gaul, Italy, Britain and Ireland in the West.
  Types of writing include histories, chronicles, letters, annals, formularies, compendia, political speeches, military and theological handbooks, poems, documentary sources, records of church councils, biblical and theological commentaries, sermons, church histories, Christian treatises, Christian and pagan panegyric and polemic, Neoplatonic texts, Lives of saints, bishops and popes.


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Description: Translation Studies Bibliography (TSB) is an annotated bibliography of Translation and Interpreting Studies. The database was first launched in 2004 and is updated regularly, with an official new release once a year. The latest release contains 28,000 annotated records. Categories of publications include: journal articles, monographs, (articles from) collective volumes, reference materials, dissertations and unpublished manuscripts. The bibliography is enhanced by a thesaurus and provides CrossRef DOIs (digital object identifiers), where available, for easier interlinking.
Note: Translation Studies Abstracts & Bibliography of Translation Studies Online were incorporated into this database during 2015.


Access information: Available from British Universities Film & Video Council (BUFVC). Choose University of Edinburgh from drop-down menu.
Description: Comprehensive online listings service for UK television and radio designed for educational users . Carries complete schedules for around 300 UK channels, including regional variations as well as Welsh, Scots Gaelic, Irish and Asian-language stations or programmes.
  The information is archived and continuously improved, so the database is a tool to help teachers and students identify both forthcoming and already broadcast audio-visual material to support their work.


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Trip is a clinical search engine designed to allow users to quickly and easily find and use high-quality research evidence to support their practice and/or care. Trip has been online since 1997 and in that time has developed into the internet’s premier source of evidence-based content. As well as research evidence we also allow clinicians to search across other content types including images, videos, patient information leaflets, educational courses and news.


TV Rain Video Archive

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TV Rain is Russia’s only independent television channel. The TV Rain Video Archive holds thousands of TV programmes, reports and interviews about today’s Russia. 


Access information: Available from British Universities Film & Video Council (BUFVC). Choose University of Edinburgh from drop-down menu.
Description: Fully searchable database of the programmes listed in television listing magazine TVTimes.
Coverage: September 1955 to March 1985.


Access information: Access on and off-campus.

Twentieth Century Religious Thought: Christianity is a multivolume, cross-searchable online collection that brings together the seminal works and archival materials related to key worldwide religious thinkers from the early 1900s until the turn of the 21st century.  150,000 pages of scholarship from influential theologians in the Christian tradition, including extensive representation of feminist theologians and other previously marginalized and lesser-known voices.

  Twentieth Century Religious Thought: Islam will provide an extensive research database focusing on modern Islamic theology and tradition. The online text resource will contain 100,000 pages at completion, detailing Islam’s evolution from the late 19th century by examining printed works, rare documents, and important articles by Muslim writers, both non-Western and Western voices.