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Access information: Freely available
Description: VADS (the Visual Arts Data Service) has provided services to the academic community for over 20 years and has built up a considerable portfolio of visual art collections comprising over 140,000 images that are freely available and copyright cleared for use in learning, teaching and research. VADS is a service of the Library & Student Services department of the University for the Creative Arts.


Access information: Access on and off campus. The Library's subscription to this resource expires 31 July 2024.
Description: The Vancouver Sun is a daily newspaper first published in British Columbia on 12 February 1912. The paper is currently published by the Pacific Newspaper Group, a division of Postmedia Network. It is published six days a week, Monday to Saturday. Now combined with The Province newspaper, the Sun still has the largest newsroom of any newspaper in western Canada.
Coverage: 1912-2010.


Verisk Digimap

Access information: Access on and off campus

Formerly known as Geomni.

Collection consists of:

  • UKMap a modern, highly detailed mapping database of Greater London. It offers users a flexible choice of integrated map features.
  • UKBuildings regularly updated to help you understand the age, structure, characteristics and use, of commercial, public and residential buildings across GB.
  • UKLand a national land information database providing a detailed breakdown of the use of land across the UK.

Maps can be viewed, annotated and printed, and data can be downloaded for use in GIS or CAD software.


Very Short Introductions

Access information: Access on and off campus

Online version of Oxford University Presss Very Short Introductions series. Written by experts in the field they offer a bridge between reference content and higher academic work.

Launched by Oxford University Press in 1995, Very Short Introductions offer concise introductions to a diverse range of subjects from Climate to Consciousness, Game Theory to Ancient Warfare, Privacy to Islamic History, Economics to Literary Theory.

Since the series was launched it has continued to offer new books each year for students and scholars, offering a bridge between reference content and higher academic work. All titles provide intelligent and serious introductions to a range of subjects, written by experts in the field who combine facts, analysis, new ideas, and enthusiasm to make challenging topics highly readable.

Every month the newest Introductions are published online.


Access information: Access on and off campus
Description: VetMed Resource includes CAB Abstracts bibliographic database covering over 3000 veterinary and bioscience journals, full text proceedings from major conferences worldwide, 'in brief and in depth' news articles on recent interest topics, specially commissioned and peer-reviewed review articles and 'Ask a CABI expert' which helps users search for the information they need. There's also access to CABI's Animal Health and Production Compendium which has information on animal diseases, their pathogens and vectors, genetics and nutrition of livestock and poultry species and breeds, an international drugs database, food safety etc. There are over 2000 images which can also be used for teaching and demos.


Vetstream Vetlexicon

Access information:

Access on and off campus. 


Vetstream’s Vetlexicon Canis, Felis, Lapis, Exotis, Equis and Bovis (dogs, cats, rabbits, exotics, horses and cattle) services are subscription based online encyclopaedias of point-of-care clinical veterinary information.  The content is provided by 900 of the world's leading veterinary clinicians and includes more than 19,000 peer reviewed articles on diseases and their pathogens, diagnostic tests, medical and surgical treatments as well as breeds and owner factsheets and images, videos and heart sounds.  The content is categorised into 30 body systems and disciplines and cross-linked to each other. This allows the veterinarian to move between all the relevant information relating to a particular case, enabling them to diagnose, treat and effectively communicate all the relevant information to the owner.  Updated weekly.


Vetus Latina Database

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Access on and off campus.


The Vetus Latina Database is an electronic index to all Greek and Latin patristic citations or allusions to the pre-Vulgate editions of the Bible, collected by the Vetus Latina Institut in Beuron, Germany.


Access information: Access on and off campus.
Description: Victorian Popular Culture contains a wide range of source material relating to popular entertainment in America, Britain and Europe in the period from 1779 to 1930. The resource is divided into four self-contained sections, covering: Spiritualism, Sensation and Magic; Circuses, Sideshows and Freaks; Music Hall, Theatre and Popular Entertainment; and Moving Pictures, Optical Entertainments and the Advent of Cinema.
Coverage: 1779-1930


Vietnam War and American Foreign Policy 

Access information: Access on and off campus. The Library's subscription to this resource expires 31 July 2024.
Description: Vietnam War and American Foreign Policy covers the U.S. involvement in the region from the early days of the Kennedy administration, through the escalation of the war during the Johnson administration, to the final resolution of the war at the Paris Peace Talks and the evacuation of U.S. troops. Along the way, documents in this module trace the actions and decisions at the highest levels of the U.S. foreign policy apparatus, as well as events on the ground in Vietnam, from the perspective of State Department officials, Associated Press reporters, and members of the U.S. Armed forces, including the Marines and the Military Assistance Command Vietnam.
Coverage: 1960-1975.


Virtual Health Library

Access information: Freely available
Description: Specialised, especially non-English language, databases for health research in South America. Also research from the Caribbean. MEDLINE may be searched by default.
Coverage: Includes LILACS and MEDCARIB


The Vogue Archive

Access informaton: Access on and off campus.
Description: Contains the entire run of Vogue magazine (US edition) from 1892 to the present day, reproduced in high-resolution colour page images. More than 400,000 pages are included. Vogue is a unique record of international popular culture that extends beyond fashion. The Vogue Archive is an essential primary source for the study of fashion, gender and modern social history.
Coverage: 1892 to the present day.


The Vogue Italia Archive

Access information:

Access on and off campus.  The Library's subscription to this resource expires 31 July 2024.


As the least commercial of all editions of Vogue magazine, Vogue Italia has been called the top fashion magazine in the world. The imagery is frequently shocking and provocative — according to the art director of British Vogue, its photographs "go beyond straight fashion to be about art and ideas." Established in 1964, Vogue Italia and the Italian fashion industry have historically had a symbiotic relationship, contributing to Milan's domination of the fashion world.


Access Information: On and off campus.
Description: Authoritative Russian journal of literary criticism offering articles and transcripts of roundtable discussions dealing with issues of Russian and world literature, history and theory of literature.
  The journal was founded in 1957, soon after the 20th Congress of the Communist party of the Soviet Union and the beginning of the era known as the "thaw" in USSR cultural life. It soon evolved into a major discussion platform for literary critics and scholars.
Coverage: 1957-present.