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Yale A&AePortal

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The Yale A&AePortal is an authoritative eBook and image resource that features important works of scholarship in the fields of history of art, architecture, decorative arts, photography, and design. With innovative functionality, including smart image searching, and extensive metadata, the site includes many out-of-print titles, key backlist, and recent releases from some of the world’s finest academic and museum publishers



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PDFs of individual issues of Yishu Journal of Contemporary Chinese Art backfile for the years 2002-2011. More recent content can be found online via DiscoverEd.



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Full text database of Yomiuri Shimbun, one of the most influential daily newspapers in Japan, from the first issue in 1874 to the present. The database also includes Regional Sections (Showa Era, 昭和の地域版), the English edition, The Daily Yomiuri, from 1989 to the present (by selecting ‘English’ on the upper right side of the homepage), as well as biographical information on some 26,000 people.  Updated daily.

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Video guide: Introduction to Yomidas Rekishikan (English subtitles)


Youth and Popular Culture Magazine Archive

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Full-text periodicals from 1940-present, highlighting topics and trends of youth culture such as fashion, rock and roll, sports, sexuality, dating, as well as youth portrayal in the media. At completion, this collection will have 200,000 pages from periodicals published in the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada.

Content: Content includes Fabulous 208, Clarity Magazine, Flip Magazine and Petticoat.