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Daily Express

Access information: Available through Factiva.Cookies must be enabled in your browser. Click on ‘Source’ and select newspaper title from A-Z list or search for title. See LexisLibrary for Sunday Express.
Description: Full text of published content. Available same day as publication. Saturday magazine not available. Some articles written by freelancers, some supplements and some features may not be available.
Coverage: 24th July 1997 to date.


Daily Mail Historical Archive (1896-2004)

Access information:

Access on and off campus


This archive includes nearly 1.2 million pages of content from the Daily Mail from its first issue in 1896 until 2004, including all of the major news stories, features, advertisements and images. The archive also includes the Daily Mail Atlantic Edition, which was published on board the transatlantic liners that sailed between New York and Southampton between 1923 and 1931.


Access information: Available from LexisLibrary (exception: Daily Express) and Factiva (exceptions: Sunday Express and Sunday Star). In both cases click on ‘Source’ and select newspaper title from A-Z list.
Description: Full text of published content. Dailies usually available on same date as publication, Sundays within two days of publication. Some articles written by freelancers, some supplements and some features may not be available.
Coverage: Further information on coverage and update schedules are available for each newspaper via Factiva and LexisLibrary. Click the info icon next to the title.
Additional information: For more information on finding newspaper articles see Newspapers entry.


Access information: Available on and off campus via LexisLibrary. Select the ‘Source’ tab and select title from the A-Z list. Also available on campus and via VPN from Factiva. Click on Source and select title from A-Z list or search for title. Cookies must be enabled on your browser.
Description: Full text of broadsheet newspaper the DailyTelegraph and Sunday Telegraph available online same day as publication. Some articles by freelancers, some features and some supplements may not be available.

LexisLibrary: From 1st Nov 2000.

Factiva: From 1st Nov 2000.

Additional information: For further information on finding newspaper articles see Newspapers entry.


The Database for the History of Contemporary Chinese Political Movements, 1949-

Access information:

Access on or off campus.


The database provides full-text primary source materials relating to the Chinese political movements after the founding of the People’s Republic of China in 1949: the Political Campaigns in the 1950s from Land Reform to Public-Private Cooperation (1949-1956), the Anti-Rightist Campaign (1957–), the Great Leap Forward and the Great Famine (1958-1964), and the Cultural Revolution (1966-1976). Sources include government documents, directives, bulletins, speeches by Mao Zedong and other officials, major newspaper and magazine editorials, and other types of documents. All the documents are in Chinese, but the database platform can be switched to English where document titles can be browsed in English.

Further details: For more information on this database, please visit the Chinese University Press website.


Database of Latin Dictionaries

Access information:

Access on and off campus.


An online database comprising a large number of Latin dictionaries, including Dictionary of Medieval Latin from British Sources .  The database will continue to grow gradually and will com­prise three kinds of dictionaries: dictionaries to assist translation from Latin into modern languages, dictionaries providing semantic and etymological explanations in Latin of Latin words and historical Latin dictionaries.


Datastream Advance

Access Information:

Note:  Access to Datastream is limited to selected computers in the Business School. An alternative source of global company information is Capital IQ (S&P).

Edinburgh University staff and students should contact the Business School Hub:


Historical share price and other market, economic and accounting data for listed companies and macroeconomic data. Datasets from developed and emerging markets with coverage most complete for the UK.

Coverage: 1965 - present (varies).



Access information:

Access on and off campus.


DataVis is a materials properties database, currently covering approximately 200 materials and 65 properties, including cost. DataVis can be used to find a property value for a single material, or can be used to compare properties across multiple materials. Interactive visualization features allow display of property data in interactive dot-plots and scatterplots across a wide range of materials. Up to 5 properties can be explored together on a single page and interactive tools enable exploration of the data, such as comparing the range of each property both within and across material classifications. Visualizations can be saved as projects and shared with others. Sample DataVis student projects are available as active learning projects; these can be used as-is, or saved and customized. Other content can be included in projects by adding text content to the top of any page in a project or by adding related content links from the AccessEngineering database (see separate database entry). DataVis returns values in SI units but units can be changed; the source for the value is also provided. 

Note: If you receive an 'Error 400' message, please try clearing cookies or browser. The issue seems to occur in Chrome.



Access information: Access on or off campus.

Korean language full text database of about 2,000 Korean scholarly journals in 12 different fields of society, literature, economics & business, medical science, humanities, theology, law & administration, arts, engineering, natural science, and education. All the back issues of each journal title are available. The database is fully searchable by article title, author, keyword, journal title and publisher.


Dead Sea Scrolls Electronic Library Biblical Texts

Access information:

Access on and off campus.


Presents a complete Hebrew transcription and English translation of the Biblical texts, together with high-resolution images (scalable). Access is available for all biblical fragments, including photos of the fragments, texts derived from the fragments in Masoretic order (bible books), English translation from the texts on the fragments and full Hebrew Scripture.

Note: If you encounter a "This page isn’t working If the problem continues, contact the site owner. HTTP ERROR 400" error using the Chrome browser, please try accessing the resource with a different browser.


Dead Sea Scrolls Electronic Library Non-Biblical Texts

Access information:

Access on and off campus


Brill’s Dead Sea Scrolls Electronic Library Non-Biblical Texts offers a unique opportunity to study state of the art photographs of these ancient scripts, and understand their meaning using the translations of text and interpretations for missing fragments.


Department of Health

Access information: Freely available.
Description:  Use the filters to limit to just DoHealth.


Access information:

Access on and off campus. 

Not working? Try clearing your cookies. Or, use Alternative login (with the VPN service if off campus) and choose Derwent Innovations Index from "All Databases" drop down menu.

Description: Patent information from Derwent World Patent Index as well as patent citation information from Patents Citation Index. Chemical, Electrical & Electronic and Engineering Sections.
Coverage: Patent coverage from 1963; citations from 1973


Design & Applied Arts Index

Access information: Access on and off campus.
Description: Design and Applied Arts Index (DAAI) is the leading source of abstracts and bibliographic records for articles, news items, and reviews published in design and applied arts periodicals from 1973 onwards. An indispensable tool for students, researchers, and practitioners worldwide, DAAI covers both new designers and the development of design and the applied arts since the mid-19th century, surveying disciplines including ceramics, glass, jewellery, wood, metalsmithing, graphic design, fashion and clothing, textiles, furniture, interior design, architecture, computer aided design, Web design, computer-generated graphics, animation, product design, industrial design, garden design, and landscape architecture. DAAI contains more than 212,000 records, with around 1,200 new records added in each monthly update.
Coverage: DAAI covers journals published from 1973 to the present, although most articles date from 1987 onwards.


DETAIL Inspiration online design & architecture projects database

Access Information: Access on and off campus
Description: This new image and reference database uses precise, relevant visual inspirations to support architects in their search for construction solutions. With more than 3,300 projects from the last 30 years, DETAIL inspiration is a highly valuable source of research and inspiration for architects, giving access to reference photographs, sketches, technical product information, within a clearly structured search and selection system, with downloads available.
Note: Any material which you download from this resource may only be stored for the duration of the University Library’s subscription to this resource, thereafter it must be deleted. The permanent archiving of material is not permitted. For full terms and conditions associated with this resource please contact the appropriate Academic Support Librarian.


DETHERM: Thermophysical Properties Database

Access information: Access on-campus. Off-campus via the VPN service. Open access resource - access could be removed at any time.
Description: Thermophysical properties of pure substances and mixtures. Thermodynamic properties, vapour pressures, transport properties, surface tensions, electrolyte data and phase equilibrium data for more than 60,000 pure compounds and 163,000 mixtures.
Coverage: Provides access to the following databases: Dortmunder Datenbank DDB, Electrolyte data collection ELDAR, Thermophysical database INFOTHERM, Thermophysical Parameter database COMDOR, Data collection C-DATA, Solubility Database CAPEC-SDB.
Additional Information:

Read more about the constituent databases.



Deutsche Literatur des 18. Jahrhunderts / 18th Century German Literature Online

Access information:

Access on and off campus.


This database contains the scanned and digitized first editions and first published complete editions by more than 600 German-speaking authors of the 18th century. The approximately 2,700 works with almost 4,500 volumes reflect the broad spectrum of German literature from the early stages of the age of Enlightenment to the later part of the period.  18th Century German Literature Online contains the complete historical editions of leading representatives of the Enlightenment such as Bürger, Gottsched, Herder, Kant, Lessing, Mendelssohn, Moritz, Nicolai, Wieland and many more, the writings of the "Göttinger Hainbund" and works of the Swiss Enlightenment. Most notably however, it also contains the writings of hundreds of authors who were less well-known or are nowadays all but forgotten, but who nevertheless contributed to the literary Enlightenment in Germany with their lyrical, dramatic and epic works.



Access information:

Access on and off campus.


Dialnet is a bibliographic database that indexes scholarly journal articles, book chapters, theses and monographs published in Spain in any language, published in Spanish in any country or dealing with Hispanic topics. Subject coverage is diverse, from science, technology, law and business to art, history, language and literature. Dialnet is hosted by the University of La Rioja and includes over 5,000 journal titles and more than 2 million documents in total.

Dictionary of National Biography

see entry for Oxford Dictionary of National Biography

Dictionary of Irish biography

Access information: Access on campus. Available off campus using the VPN - see above.
Description: The Dictionary of Irish Biography is a collaborative project between Cambridge University Press and the Royal Irish Academy. Over 9,000 signed biographical articles describe and assess the careers of subjects in all fields of endeavour, including politics, law, religion, literature, journalism, architecture, painting, music, the stage, science, medicine, engineering, entertainment and sport.


Dictionary of Old English: A to I online

Access: Access on and off campus.
Description: The Dictionary of Old English (DOE) defines the vocabulary of the first six centuries (600 - 1150 A.D.) of the English language, and complements the Middle English Dictionary (which covers the period 1100 - 1500 A.D.) and the Oxford English Dictionary (which documents the development of the English language to the present).
  See also entry for Oxford English Dictionary.


Dictionary of the Scots Language

Access information: Freely available from DSL.
Description: Comprises the Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue (DOST) and the Scottish National Dictionary (SND).
Coverage: DOST contains information about Scots words in use from the twelfth to the end of the seventeenth centuries and SND contains information about Scots words in use from 1700 to the 1970s. There is a 2005 supplement.


Dictionnaire historique et critique

Access information Available on and off campus
Description: This is the online version of the 5th edition (1740) of Pierre Bayle's Dictionnaire historique et critique. It comprises four folio volumes (719, 915, 831 and 804 pages per volume). In addition to the text of the Dictionnaire proper (text and notes), the work includes numerous auxiliary pieces. This database is part of the ARTFL Project.


Digimap Collection

Access information: Access on and off campus. Users are required to register and agree the data licence. Follow instructions provided

Digimap is a collection of EDINA services that delivers maps and map data of Great Britain.  Maps can be viewed, annotated and printed and data can be downloaded for use in GIS or CAD software. Subscribed collections include:

For a complete description of each collection, please see the individual entries on the alphabetical databases pages.


Digital Dictionary of Buddhism

Access information: Access on and off campus
Description: The Digital Dictionary of Buddhism [DDB] is a compilation of Chinese terms, texts, temple, schools, persons, etc. found in Buddhist canonical sources. Entries range from short glossary entries, to full-length encyclopaedic articles.


Access information: Access on and off campus.

The database features the entire corpus of Barth's works in German, currently comprising 45 volumes of theological writings, lectures, letters, sermons, and interviews.

As additional print volumes of the Gesamtausgabe become available, they will be added, and also included is Barth's magnum opus, the 14-volume Kirchliche Dogmatik.

During the second phase of the project, the exhaustive German-language content will be supplemented with English translations of Barth's most important works. Alexander Street also will add digitized photographs, audio files, and other archival content.


Access information: Access on and off campus.

This resource consists of expertly curated, and meticulously indexed, declassified government documents covering U.S. policy toward critical world events – including their military, intelligence, diplomatic and human rights dimensions – from 1945 to the present. Each collection is assembled by foreign policy experts and features chronologies, glossaries, bibliographies, and scholarly overviews to provide unparalleled access to the defining international issues of our time.

The University's access includes the following databases:

For a complete description of each database, please see the individual entries on the alphabetical databases pages.

Dissertations and Theses Full Text

see entry for ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Full Text


Digital Theatre Plus

Access information:

Access on and off campus


Digital Theatre+ provides access to 600+ theatre productions and supporting educational resources, with over 300 videos of quality live performances of classic, contemporary and international productions.


Documents on British Policy Overseas

Access information: Access on and off campus.
Description: Documents on British Policy Overseas offers researchers the opportunity to see beneath the surface of the major events of the twentieth century. Users can access contemporary accounts and follow the detailed exchanges that shaped British foreign policy from the origins of the First World War and beyond.


Dong-A Ilbo

Access information: Access on campus only.

One of the major newspapers in South Korea, available in PDF format.

Coverage 1920 to present
User guide:

Guide for Dong A Ilbo Archive (ENG)

Guide for Dong A Ilbo Archive (KOR)



Access information:

Access on or off-campus.


PDFs of individual issues of Downbeat Magazine.

March 2020 (PDF)

Note: Download does not work with Edge browser. Please use Chrome or Firefox.


Drama Online

Access information:

Access on campus. Use VPN for off-campus access.


Drama Online is a digital library of the world’s most studied and critically-acclaimed plays, accompanied by a wealth of innovative teaching and performance tools, critical analysis, contextual information, references and practical texts. We have subscribed to following components:

  • Nick Hern Books Collection : Over 500 modern plays from specialist theatre publisher Nick Hern Books featuring pre-eminent playwrights including Howard Brenton, Jez Butterworth, and Caryl Churchill.
  • The RSC Live Collection: 17 films of live productions from the Royal Shakespeare Company from 2013 to the cutting-edge 2016-17 production of The Tempest starring Simon Russell-Beale
  • Shakespeare's Globe On Screen (2008-2015): 21 films recorded live on the Globe stage from leading actors including Mark Rylance, Stephen Fry, and Roger Allam’s Olivier Award-winning Falstaff in Henry IV
  • Shakespeare’s Globe on Screen 2 (2016-2018): Features landmark productions from the Globe Theatre’s most recent seasons, including the first production from the indoor Jacobean theatre, the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse in 2014
  • Shakespeare in the Present: A six hour acting masterclass with international coach Patsy Rodenburg, starring Joseph Fiennes
  • Stage on Screen: Critically acclaimed stage productions of four key set drama and literature texts: The Duchess of Malfi, Doctor Faustus, The School for Scandal, and Volpone.
  • Shakespeare’s Heroes and Villains: Steven Berkoff: A 90 minute masterclass from Steven Berkoff, world-renowned writer, director, and actor.
  • Maxine Peake as Hamlet: A landmark reinvention of Shakespeare’s Hamlet with Maxine Peake in the title role.



Access information: Access available on campus and off campus via the VPN.

Duxiu provides the bibliographical and full text level search for several million Chinese resources including books, journal and newspaper articles, dissertations and conference proceedings. The table of contents and a small proportion of the body text can be read instantly by clicking on search results.

You can also obtain more or the whole of the full text content by using the online “document delivery service” on the database platform: at the document request window, fill in page range you want to have along with your email address then send your request. The delivery normally takes 3-5 minutes to arrive. You can request up to 50 pages or no more than 20% of any book per week, which ever is greater. Journal and newspaper articles can usually be received in full at one go.

Further information: Please refer to the User Guide for further help - Duxiu User Guide (PDF).



Access information: Access on and off campus. Check the IP access box then enter the 8 digit access key - find the 8 digit access key here.
Description: The Subject Catalogue of the German Archaeological Institute (DAI) in Rome.
Coverage: From 1956 to date.