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Early American Imprints, Series I

Access Access on and off campus.
Description Early American Imprints, Series I: Evans, 1639-1800 contains virtually every book, pamphlet and broadside published in America over a 160-year period. Digitized from Early American Imprints, Series I is based on Charles Evans' "American Bibliography" and Roger Bristol's supplement. Series I also offers new imprints not available in microform editions.
Coverage 1639-1800


Early American Newspapers Series 2, 1758-1900

see entry for America's Historical Newspapers



Early English Books Online - new website

Early English Books Online (old website - avail until Dec 2019)


Access information: Access on and off campus.

Early English Books Online (EEBO) contains digital facsimile page images of virtually every work printed in England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and British North America and works in English printed elsewhere from 1473-1700. Most books are in English (134,417), but there are also hundreds of books in other European languages including Latin (9060), French (678), Welsh (205), Ancient Greek (147), Greek (112), Italian (95), Scots (88), German (63), Spanish (32), Hebrew (12), Scottish Gaelic (8), Portuguese (7), Arabic (6), and other Roman languages (795).

Cross-searchable with Early European Books on the Early Modern Books platform.

Coverage: 1470-1700.



Early European Books Online

Access information: Access on and off campus.

Early European Books traces the history of printing in Europe from its origins through to the close of the seventeenth century, offering full-colour, high-resolution facsimile images of rare and hard-to-access printed sources.

Cross searchable with Early English Books Online on the Early Modern Books platform.

Coverage: Over 30,000 e-books. The University of Edinburgh has access to Collection 1 - 4 and the Wellcome Trust collection. Further details can be found at


Early Modern Books

Access information: Access on and off campus.

An integrated search across both Early English Books Online and Early European Books.

Early Modern Books covers material from the British Isles and Europe for the period 1450-1700. An integrated search across both Early English Books Online and Early European Books allows scholars to view materials from over 225 source libraries worldwide. EEBO's content draws on authoritative short-title catalogues of the period and features many text transcriptions specially created for the product. Content from Europe covers the curated Early European Books Collections from 4 national libraries and London's Wellcome Library.


Early Western Korans Online

Access Information: Access on and off campus.
Description: This remarkable collection demonstrates the impact of the holy book of Islam in Europe. Long before printing with movable type became common practice in the Islamic world, Korans had been printed in Arabic type in several European cities. The collection includes Korans and Koran translations, printed between 1537 and 1857, and is of interest to book historians, theologians, philologists, and scholars of Islamic Studies alike.




Access Information:

Access on campus.

Access available off campus via VPN

Description: Medical reference and tool set. Medical formulae, clinical criteria sets and decision tree analysis tools.
Coverage: U.S.A. and provided for educational purposes only. Do not use EBMcalc information for the diagnosis or treatment of any health problem or disease.



ECA Library Image Collection

Access to the University network via the VPN

Access information: Available on campus. Access off campus via the VPN - see above.
Description: The ECA Library Image Collection is a database of over 6,000 high-quality images, selected to support study and teaching at Edinburgh College of Art. The subject areas covered include Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Art and Design, including contemporary practice.



ECA Photography Collection

Access to the University network via the VPN

Access Information: Available on campus. Access off campus via the VPN - see above.
Description The ECA Photography Collection consists of nearly 20,000 high-quality digital images, the majority of which are photographs of Edinburgh College of Art students' work from 1999-2010. The collection also includes internal and external views of the College buildings, photographs of College events, reproductions of items from the College Archive and general views of Edinburgh.




Access Information: Access on and off campus via username and password
Description: Ecoinvent - an association supported by the Swiss Federal Offices is the world’s leading supplier of consistent and transparent life cycle inventory (LCI) datasets. Ecoinvent database version 3.3 offers science-based, industrial, international life cycle assessment (LCA) and life cycle management (LCM) data and services.
Note:  v3.3 includes a first part of the World Food LCA Database.




Access information: Access on and off campus.
Description: The database version of Journal of Economic Literature and Index of Economic Articles indexing international literature in the field of economics. Abstracts are included.
Coverage: From 1886 to date.



Economic Botany Bibliography Database

Access information: Access on and off campus
Description: 33,000 references to publications relating to the uses by humans of flowering plants, gymnosperms and ferns. Entries date from the late nineteenth century to 2003, when data entry stopped. Subjects covered include the ethnobotany of plant use in traditional societies, medical and industrial uses of plants, and their domestication and history. Coverage focuses on wild plants and minor crop plants. About half of the citations on EBBD derive from recent data entry and are accurate, and consistently keyworded. Other citations derive from an older dataset and contain obvious spelling errors and inaccuracies.


Economic Social Data Service (ESDS)

see entry for UK Data Service



Access information:

Access on and off campus. For off campus access please use the University VPN - Access to the University network via the VPN.

Description: Full text of the weekly publication which covers international politics and business news and opinion.
Coverage: July 19 1997 to the present.

Economist Historical Archive: 1843 until 2015.

Additional Information: - The Publisher recommends using the Internet Explorer or Chrome browsers when using this resource.



Edinburgh Research Archive (ERA)

Access Information: Freely available.
Description: Full-text digital institutional repository of research published by the members of the University of Edinburgh. Includes theses and dissertations, book chapters, working papers, technical reports, journal pre-prints and peer-reviewed journal reprints.



Edinburgh Research Explorer

Access information: Freely available
Description: Institutional repository of University of Edinburgh staff's research outputs. Includes information on awards, projects and press coverage as well as publications, many of which are available on an Open Access basis.



Education Abstracts

Access information: Access on and off campus.
Description: This database provides indexing and abstracts to a large number of journals, books and yearbooks relating to Education including adult education, comparative education, government funding, higher education, school administration, teacher evaluation and more.
Coverage: Indexing and abstracts for more than 680 Journals and yearbooks, dating as far back as 1983. Indexing for books on education published after 1995.



Education at Alexander Street Press

Access Information: Access on and off campus
Description: Education at Alexander Street Press focuses on the development and training of teachers. Content includes primary-source footage of students and teachers in actual classrooms, demonstrations, lectures, and documentaries to help both new and experienced teachers develop their abilities to teach, mentor, understand, and communicate with students of all levels of need and you have access to over 3800 videos
Note: We have access to the Teachers TV from Education in Video Collection
Additional Information: Title List



Education Image Gallery

Access information: Available from JISC MediaHub. On campus: Login via direct access. Off campus: Login via UK federation.
Description: Thousands of images from the world-famous Getty archive covering diverse subject areas such as Sport, Fashion, Major Events, Buildings, Politics, Social History, Key Personalities, Transport, Industry, Work, Leisure, Music.



Education Source

Access information Access on and off campus.
Description This database is a merger of databases from EBSCO and H.W. Wilson. It covers all levels of education - from early childhood to higher education - as well as all educational specialties, such as multilingual education, health education and testing.



Educational Administration Abstracts

Access information: Access on and off campus.
Description: This research database includes bibliographic records relating to educational administration, educational leadership, educational management, educational research and other areas of key relevance to the discipline. Content includes more than 199,000 records dating back to 1966.



e-EROS: Encyclopedia of reagents for organic synthesis

Access information: Access on and off campus

Information on reagents and catalysts for anyone planning or working on organic syntheses.

Coverage:  Updated each year. 



Access information: Access on and off-campus.
Description: Contains over 180,000 titles (200,000 volumes) published during the 18th Century, covering a range of subjects including history, literature, religion, law, fine arts, and science. The full text of the collection is searchable, from books and directories, Bibles, sheet music and sermons to advertisements.
Coverage: 18th Century.



Access: On and off campus
Description: The Eighteenth Century Journals portal consists of five Sections, containing digitised images of about 270 rare journals printed between c1685 and 1835. Topics cover a very wide range of eighteenth-century social, political and literary life, including: colonial life; provincial and rural affairs; the French and American revolutions; reviews of literature and fashion throughout Europe; political debates; and London coffee house gossip and discussion, etc. Many of these journal are ephemeral, lasting only for a handful of issues, others run for several years. The publisher suggests that all of the titles in this portal have been carefully screened against other eighteenth century e-resources to ensure that there is minimal overlap. Resources checked include Early English Books Online (EEBO); Nineteenth Century British Library Newspapers, Eighteenth Century Collections Online (ECCO), The Burney Newspaper Collection, and British Periodicals (1680s to 1930s), all of which are in our Database list.
Coverage: 1685-1835



Electronic Enlightenment

Access information:

Access on and off-campus.

Description: This scholarly research project of the University of Oxford Humanities Division provides online access to correspondence between 18th-century thinkers and writers, from over 70,000 historical documents.



Electronic Surveillance and the National Security Agency: From Shamrock to Snowden

Access Access on and off campus.
Description A collection of leaked and declassified records documenting U.S. and allied electronic surveillance policies, relationships, and activities. It serves as an addition to several National Security Archive documents sets - including those on U.S. Intelligence and the National Security Agency. The records provide information on the limitations imposed on electronic surveillance activities, organizations, legal authorities, collection activities, and liaison relationships.




Access information: Access on and off-campus.

The Excerpta Medica database, a major pharmacological and biomedical literature database covering about 3,300 journals from110 countries. Covers mainly journal literature (plus some book reviews and conference proceedings) with strong coverage of European journals.

Detailed information about EMBASE

Coverage: From 1980 to date.
NHS Staff and other authorised users: The Knowledge Network



Emerald Insight

Access information: Access on and off-campus.

Access to over 120 journals. The journals cover general management, human resource management, information management, library & information services, marketing, operations, production & economics, property, quality, training and education and engineering & material science.




Access Access on and off campus. Off campus access via the University VPN - Access to the University network via the VPN.
  • Over 9000 publications available in the database containing company (Financials, company news, M&A Deals/ Rumours, analytical tools), country (Forecasts, reports,..etc) and industry data (Global industry reports, news, competition and market info) .
  • Leading aggregator with top sources such as BMI, Global Data, Dun & Bradstreet, Allied Research, Buddecom, Grandview as well as data sourced locally in each emerging market.
  • Unlimited access remote and campus wide.
  • 3.5m company profiles and financials in hard to get locations.
  • Access to local content (research reports, news,.. etc) in emerging markets.
  • 540,000 research reports published every year.
Additional Notes: Please note user access is limited to 10 concurrent users at any one time.



Access information: Access on and off-campus.
Description: Collection of 60,000 images of original manuscripts and printed material with accompanying thematic essays. The content comes from library and archive collections worldwide, and can used to support teaching and learning. Full details of how to incorporate images into course materials are provided.
Coverage: 1492-1962.



Encyclopaedia of Islam THREE

Encyclopaedia of Islam, 1st Edition

Encyclopaedia of Islam, 2nd Edition

Encyclopaedia of Islam, 2nd Edition Glossary and Index of Terms

Historical Atlas of Islam

Access information: Access on and off-campus. Choose one of the above links to access this database.

Comprehensive reference works on the Islamic World. Widely recognised as hugely important in its field, it is a unique and invaluable reference tool not only on the religion, but also on the believers and the countries in which they live.

Articles cover distinguished Muslims of every era and origin, tribes and dynasties, crafts and sciences, political and religious institutions, the geography, ethnography, flora and fauna of the various countries and on the history, topography and monuments of the major towns and cities.

In its geographical and historical scope it encompasses the old Arabo-Islamic empire, the Islamic countries of Iran, Central Asia, the Indian sub-continent and Indonesia, as well as the Ottoman Empire and all other Islamic countries.



Encyclopaedia Judaica

Access information: Access on and off-campus.
Description: Second edition is a comprehensive reference work on the culture, history and religion of the Jewish people. The 22,000 articles include coverage of gender issues, the Bible, Jewish Law, community life, popular culture and the Holocaust.


Encyclopedia of Aesthetics

see description at entry for Oxford Art Online



Encyclopedia of Ancient Greek Language and Linguistics Online

Access Information: Access on and off campus
Description: The Encyclopedia of Ancient Greek Language and Linguistics (EAGLL) is a unique work that brings together the latest research from across a range of disciplines which contribute to our knowledge of Ancient Greek. It is an indispensable research tool for scholars and students of Greek, of linguistics, and of other Indo-European languages, as well as of Biblical literature.



Encyclopedia of Hebrew Language and Linguistics

Access Information: Access on and off campus
Description: The Encyclopedia of Hebrew Language and Linguistics Online offers a systematic and comprehensive treatment of all aspects of the history and study of the Hebrew language from its earliest attested form to the present day. It features advanced search options, as well as extensive cross-references and full-text search functionality using the Hebrew character set. With over 850 entries and approximately 400 contributing scholars, the Encyclopedia of Hebrew Language and Linguistics Online is the authoritative reference work for students and researchers in the fields of Hebrew linguistics, general linguistics, Biblical studies, Hebrew and Jewish literature, and related fields.



Encyclopedia of Hinduism

Access information: Access on and off campus. Access via Brill Reference Online.

Brill's Encyclopedia of Hinduism presents the latest research on all the main aspects of the Hindu traditions in essays written by the world's foremost scholars on Hinduism. The encyclopedia encompasses a variety of regional traditions as well as the global world religion.

The fully searchable, dynamic digital format currently includes volume I of ultimately five volumes - further volumes are due to be added.



Encyclopedia of Language and Linguistics

Access information: Access on and off-campus.
Description: 2005, second edition covers comprehensively the fundamental linguistic disciplines, with their applications to the study of language and other related disciplines. The online version supplements the written text with additional illustrative material, samples of spoken language or signed langague and videos of the use of language in context.



Encyclopedia of Women & Islamic Cultures Online

Access information: Access on and off campus.

The Encyclopedia of Women and Islamic Cultures Online is an interdisciplinary, trans-historical, and global project embracing women and Islamic cultures in every region where there have been significant Muslim populations. It aims to cover every topic for which there is significant research, examining these regions from the period just before the rise of Islam to the present.

The Encyclopedia of Women and Islamic Cultures Online crosses history, geographic borders and disciplines to create a groundbreaking reference work reflecting the very latest research on gender studies and the Islamic world.



English Short Title Catalogue (ESTC) 

Access information: Access on and off campus. 

The English Short Title Catalogue (ESTC) covers monograph and serial letterpress items printed before 1801; printed in the British Isles, Colonial America, United States of America (1776-1800), Canada, or territories governed by Britain, in all languages; printed in any other part of the world, wholly or partly in English or other British vernaculars; with false imprints claiming publication in London, in any language. Contains every item in Pollard and Redgrave A Short-Title Catalogue of Books Printed in England, Scotland, & Ireland and of English Books Printed Abroad 1475-1640 (STC); in Wing A Short-Title Catalogue of Books Printed in England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, and British America and of English Books Printed in Other Countries 1641-1700; in the Eighteenth Century Short Title Catalogue (the predecessor of ESTC), including items catalogued by the American Antiquarian Society as part of the North American Imprints Program (NAIP); newspapers and other serials which began publication before 1801.

Coverage: 1473-1800.
Note: Use code "ed_itw" when following links from ESTC to ECCO.



Entertainment Industry Magazine Archive

Access information: Access on campus or off campus.

An archival research resource containing the essential primary sources for studying the history of the film and entertainment industries, from the era of vaudeville and silent movies through to 2000.

The core US and UK trade magazines covering film, music, broadcasting and theatre are all included, together with film fan magazines and music press titles.

Magazines have been scanned cover-to-cover in high-resolution colour, with granular indexing of all articles, covers, ads and reviews.



Environment Complete

Access information: This resource is now cancelled, if there is a particular journal article or e-book required that is unavailable in DiscoverEd from alternative sources, please contact for help.
Description: Environment Complete contains more than 2.4 million records from more than 2,200 domestic and international titles going back to 1888 (including over 1,350 active core titles) as well as more than 190 monographs. The database also contains full text for more than 920 journals.
Coverage: 1902-present.



Environment Digimap

Access: Access on and off campus. Users are required to register and agree the data licence. Follow instructions provided
Description: Environment Digimap provides land cover mapping from the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology (CEH), the service includes Land Cover Maps from 2015, 2007, 2000, & 1997. Maps can be viewed, annotated and printed and data can be downloaded for use in GIS or CAD software.



ERIC via EBSCOhost

ERIC via ProQuest

ERIC - Education Information Resource Center link

Access information: Access on and off-campus.
Description: Indexes the journal and technical literature in the field of education and corresponds to the printed Resources in Education and Current Index to Journals in Education. It covers over 775 journals, conferences, meetings, government documents, theses, dissertations, reports, audiovisual media, bibliographies, directories, and monographs. Scope is international.
Coverage: From 1966 to date.



see entry for UK Data Service



ESDU: Engineering Sciences Data Unit

VPN service

Access Information: Access on-campus. Off-campus via the VPN service.
Description: Design data and methods for Material Science, Aerospace, Mechanical, Chemical, Civil, Structural and Environmental engineering. Highly relevant to students and researchers in these fields to help explore and optimise design iterations and validate final designs. ESDU is the only collection of validated data of this kind.



Espacenet patent search

Access information: Free access on and off-campus from the European Patent Organisation.
Description: Index to more than 90 million patent documents worldwide from 1836 onwards. Full-text access to British patents from 1859. Full-text acces to patents from other countries includes US from 1836 and various starting dates for EPO, WIPO, France, Germany and Switzerland.
Additional information:

Coverage of worldwide database



Access information: Access on or off campus.
Description: Science performance statistics and science trends data based on journal article publication counts and citation data from 8,500 multi-disciplinary journals in the Thomson Reuters databases.  An analytical tool for data to rank scientists, institutions, countries, and journals.
Coverage: The Essential Science Indicators database has been updated as of January 18, 2019, to cover a 10-year + 10 months period, January 1, 2008 – October 31, 2018. Data is updated bi-monthly (six times a year). This is the fifth bi-monthly update of 2018.



Ethnologue : Languages of the World

Access Access on campus.
Description An authoritative resource that brings together more data than any other resource of its kind, Ethnologue contains the profiles of the current 7,099 living languages of the world.  Regularly updated, Ethnologue provides in depth information covering the number of speakers of languages, location, dialects, usage statistics, linguistic affiliations and autonyms. In addition to living languages, Ethnologue also contains data on languages which have gone out of use since the first appearance of the publication 66 years ago.



EThOS - Electronic Theses Online Service

Access information: Access on and off-campus. Registration required for full-text access and there may be a delay of some days in receiving required copy.
Description: British Library service providing full text of thousands of UK Higher Education theses (free to staff and students of the University of Edinburgh).
Additional information:

Items unavailable from EThOS may be available through the Inter-Library Loan service (I.L.L.):

Inter-Library Loan (I.L.L.) Service

For more comprehensive searches of theses awarded in your subject area, use ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Global:

ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Global



European Patent Register

Access information: Free access on and off-campus from the European Patent Office.
Description: Publicly available information on European patent applications as they pass through the grant procedure. Including: oppositions, patent attorney/EPO correspondence and more. Also provides for public file inspection.



European Sources Online

Access information: Open access
Description: European Sources Online (ESO) is an online database and information service which provides access to information on the institutions and activities of the European Union, the countries, regions and other international organisations of Europe, and on issues of importance to European researchers, citizens and stakeholders.




Access information: Access on and off campus.
Description: Funded by the European Commission, the Europeana portal provides access to millions of digitised books, paintings, films, museum objects and archival records from all over Europe. Use Europeana to explore major European collections including collections from Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, the British Library and the Louvre as well as regional archives and local museums from every member of the EU.



Europeana Newspapers

Access information: Access on and off campus.
Description: Funded under the European Commission’s CIP 2007 – 2013 programme, this is a three-year project, running until January 2015 in which 18 million historic newspaper pages are aggregated for Europeana and The European Library. the project aim is to convert 10 million newspaper pages to full text. This will help users quickly search for specific articles, people and locations mentioned within the newspaper, creating a special content viewer to improve online newspaper browsing.




Access information: Access on and off campus.
Description: Eurostat is the statistical office of the European Union.  It provides the European Union with statistics at European level that enable comparisons between countries and regions.




Access information: Access on and off campus.
Description: The EUscreen portal offers free online access to thousands of items of audiovisual heritage. It brings together clips that provide an insight into the social, cultural, political and economic events that have shaped the 20th and 21st centuries. As well as chronicling important historical events, the EUscreen portal allows you to explore television programmes that focus on everyday experience