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Course Copying, Backup and Restore

Learn provides useful tools for copying course content, retrieving deleted content and making backups of course content.

It is possible to copy content and activities from one course in Learn to another. This can be done item by item, or done as a bulk process using a "course copy" approach. The most common reason for copying courses is to get your new courses ready from one academic year to another.

Make sure your new course exists in Learn

If your course is in EUCLID, make sure that the new instance of the course is marked “Yes” in the Learn enabled box. This creates a new empty course instance in Learn. Only Course Organisers and Course Secretaries as named in EUCLID can do this, and access the new course in Learn.

Two methods exist for copying all or selected components of an existing course into another course:

  1. Copying individual content area items
  2. Using Learn’s ‘Course Copy’ tool

If you have not done so recently, make a backup of your existing course (instructions at the end of this page) before creating a copy. This will help if you accidentally remove any items you had intended to keep. 

Do you really need to bulk copy?

Many people bulk copy files over and don’t actually use them again, instead they upload slightly tweaked versions of what they did the previous year. However, this bulk copy into the new course adds all the old files within the course, meaning the course size is far larger than it needs to be. 

Options for Copying between Courses

Course Copy Recommendations

Restoring Deleted Content

Backing up a Course

It is important to backup your courses regularly as Learn is not the golden copy for course material. We advise staff to take backup of courses at the end of each semester.