Records Management


Guidance for University of Edinburgh staff on data protection, freedom of information and records management

Handling requests for information

What to do if you have received a request for information, or a request from someone to delete or amend information about themselves.

Data protection breach procedure

Guidance for members of University staff on reporting a data protection breach, or a suspected data protection breach.

Sharing personal data

These webpages explain how University staff should deal with non routine enquiries to share information about third parties.

Compliance checklist

Data protection and information compliance considerations for University staff designing a new project, process or procedure, or assessing an existing one


Guidance for researchers on data protection, freedom of information and records management.

Marketing, publishing and communications

Guidance on data protection and records management issues relating to mailing lists, photography, direct marketing and publishing personal data on the internet.

Managing records

Guidance on how to manage records in your department.

Information legislation

These pages contain an overview of information legislation that applies to the University.