Information Services

Using Learn as a Teacher

Advice and information on using Learn to support your courses for anyone who delivers teaching or supports the teaching experience

Getting Started

How to log into Learn and find your way around.

 Managing your course list

How to change Learn settings to suit your preferences and make it easier for you to use.

Building and Managing Content

Teaching English for Law
How to create and manage content in Learn.

Communicating with Students

Alumni email service
Guidance on what communication approaches are best suited for your course in Learn. Which tool should I use?

Assessment & Feedback

digital exams
Information on types of assessment, how to set them up and give marks and feedback through Learn.

Reporting and Analytics

Credit for entry
How to see reports on the use of your courses and materials.

Creating Effective Courses

Student on computer
Advice and support on how to effectively design the layout and structure of courses.

Training and events

Find out more about our training programme and associated self-support materials.

Learn Apps

People on the mobiles
You can access your course materials on a mobile device using the app

Further Help

Get help and support
How to solve issues and questions that may arise while using Learn.