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Privacy Statement

Privacy Statement relating to Media Hopper Replay

Information the University will collect about you and purposes for which it will use this information

The University holds information about everyone who uses the Media Hopper Replay service. This information is used to identify your level of access to specific lecture recordings and associated materials (presentations, Q&A transcripts, quizzes, notes) held within the system, report on your usage of the system, provide you with support, maintain our IT system, gather feedback, and for strategic planning purposes.

Recordings and live-stream broadcasts (where used) containing your image, voice and any personal opinions you express will be made available to be viewed by students and staff enrolled on the Course with which your lecture is associated.  If you are the lecturer, you can choose whether to make recordings or live-stream broadcasts available more widely than this and can control the availability of recordings within a Course. 

Recordings and other information from the service may be used within the scope of an investigation under the University’s Code for Student Conduct.

The University is using information about you in pursuit of its legitimate interests in providing a lecture recording service to its students and staff

The University uses an external company (Echo360 Inc.) to process information about you on the University’s behalf.  The University remains responsible for the information and will ensure it is kept securely. 


Retention of personal data within recordings

The University will hold the personal data you provide within a recording for up to eighteen months from the date of recording, unless you choose to delete it sooner or, if you are the lecturer, you choose to transfer it to Media Hopper Create, the University’s media asset management service.


As part of the emergency response to the Covid-19 pandemic, deletion of Media Hopper Replay recordings has been suspended since March 2020.  This will allow you, if you are a lecturer, to re-use or repurpose any of your recorded lectures if necessary and appropriate.  


Further queries

If you have any questions, please contact:

Karen Howie - Head of Digital Learning Applications and Media - Information Services


Continued Privacy Notice

The information for individuals the University of Edinburgh collects, shares or processes personal information about, found in the University's general Privacy Notice, also applies.