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Getting started with Media Hopper Replay

Information on how to get started with Media Hopper Replay.

My recording has been pre-scheduled

If your recording has been pre-scheduled, all you have to do is deliver your lecture and ensure you use the microphone so that everything you say will be recorded, Media Hopper Replay will do the rest.    Further information about AV equipment and audio can be found here:

I need to do an ad hoc recording

If your lecture hasn't been pre-scheduled, you can set up an ad-hoc recording in advance of the start of your lecture.  You can found out how to do this here:  Alternatively, you can watch this short tutorial video:

More information 

Guidance for staff on how to use Media Hopper Replay can be found here:

Guidance for students on how to access and view recorded lectures on Media Hopper Replay can be found here: