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About the Replay Scheduler

The Replay Scheduler is a simple online tool for the management of lecture recording scheduling preferences and to enable opt-out of lectures being recorded and opt-in of seminars, tutorials and workshops. The Replay Scheduler has been developed so that Schools can take control of their choices and make it as easy as possible to opt-out for lectures and opt-in for seminars, tutorials and workshops. 


Access the Replay Scheduler


Since the introduction of the Lecture Recording policy, on 1st January 2019, recordings are scheduled automatically for everything marked in the timetabling system as a lecture that takes place in a Media Hopper Replay enabled room. The latest update to the Replay Scheduler also allows you to opt-in to the following activities:

  • Seminars
  • Tutorials
  • Workshops

If you would like to record any of the additional activities please see the guidance. If you’re happy for your lecture to be recorded, you don’t need to do anything, Media Hopper Replay will automatically record your lecture.

If you do not want your lecture to be recorded you will need to follow these three simple steps:


1.  Inform your School that you will not be recording your lecture/s
2.  Note the reason for opting-out:
    • Pedagogical reasons
    • Privacy / legal / ethical reasons
    • Personal reasons
  • If you are a Course Organiser:
    • Log-in to the Replay Scheduler (available to designated staff only)
    • Find the course you want to opt-out
    • Choose whether to opt-out a whole course or just individual lectures
    • Note the reason for opting-out
  • If you are not a Course Organiser, you will need to speak to your Course Organiser about actioning your opt-out.  They can either give you access to the Replay Scheduler or can act on your behalf.
3.  Let your students know which lectures are recorded and which are not  

The course or programme handbook should contain this information or should guide students to find details on Learn. If you make a change after the start of the semester, please inform your students by email in advance of the lecture concerned.

For further Help and Support please visit the support pages at, or contact the IS Helpline using the button below.