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Availability and Entitlement

An overview of where Media Hopper Replay is installed, who can use it and how to request use of the service.

Media Hopper Replay has been rolled out across multiple campuses.  The first stage of the roll-out (academic year 2017/18) replaced and upgraded existing software and Audio Visual kit in 142 rooms.  Over 250 rooms were equipped for the start of the 2018/19 academic year and, on completion of the initial rollout, the total number of rooms enabled to deliver lecture recording was just under 300 (academic year 2019/20).

Our largest teaching spaces were equipped during the first stage to ensure the majority of academic colleagues have early access to the new service.


Which teaching spaces are enabled for Media Hopper Replay?

If you would like to check which rooms are enabled for Media Hopper Replay, please click on the campus location from the list below.

Central Area    Kings Buildings    Holyrood   New College   

 Little France    Easter Bush    Lauriston Place    Western General    Royal Edinburgh

Who can use Media Hopper Replay?

Media Hopper Replay is primarily to support Teaching & Learning. All staff and students have access to the service.

Visiting staff have to be given access to the service when their account is created, visiting students will not have access to the system

User Type Record Lectures Use interactive features (Q & A, notes, etc.) Download Content (if enabled) Replay Lectures
Staff X X X X
Student (excluding student visitors)   X X X


How can I use Media Hopper Replay

If your teaching has been allocated one of the Media Hopper Replay enabled rooms, see above, you can either initiate Ad-Hoc Recordings or have your lectures scheduled in advance. If you would like to arrange the scheduling of your lectures then please contact the IS Helpline, using the button below.  For further information on creating Ad-Hoc recordings please see the Help and Support pages.

Help and Support


For further information please contact the IS Helpline