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Connecting your LinkedIn profile and Learning account

This page contains information on connecting and disconnecting your personal LinkedIn profile and University LinkedIn Learning account.

If you have a personal LinkedIn profile you can choose to connect it with your University LinkedIn Learning account for a more personalised learning experience. Connecting accounts is completely optional and those wishing to use LinkedIn Learning without owning or connecting a LinkedIn profile can do so without issue. Accounts can be disconnected anytime.

Benefits of connecting your Learning account and LinkedIn profile

There are two main benefits to linking your Learning account with your profile:

  1. You'll receive a more personalised learning experience that includes special course recommendations for you based on job title, skills, and industry. 
  2. You'll discover and receive more relevant learning content within the experience (e.g. in the feed) to keep learning top of mind and drive more engagement. 
image of user on a phone connecting a linked in profiole

Connecting your accounts

During the activation process (creating your LinkedIn Learning account) you will be presented with an option to connect LinkedIn profile with your LinkedIn Learning account. To do so, you'll be asked to log into your personal LinkedIn profile and to confirm your identity. At this stage, you will be able to view and learn more about LinkedIn's Terms and Privacy Policy.

If you don't have a LinkedIn profile but wish to create and connect one at this stage, you can still do so by using the 'Not a member? Join now' option. Information on how to connect your Learning account and personal profile can be found on LinkedIn's Connecting your LinkedIn profile guide.

Should you decide not to connect your accounts during the activation stage you can do so anytime using the 'Connect my profile' option at the top of your learning dashboard (once you've logged into LinkedIn Learning).

Your learning data

When you connect your LinkedIn Learning account to your personal LinkedIn profile, only your learning data will be shared with the University's LinkedIn Learning administrator. No other data from your LinkedIn profile will be accessible or shared.

Disconnecting your accounts

If you are a University of Edinburgh staff member or student and no longer wish to have your Learning account and profile connected, please send a request to have them disconnected via email to the IS Helpline ( with your full name and UUN (University user name). We will try disconnect accounts as quickly as possible and will notify you directly once the process has been completed.