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How to use LinkedIn Learning

Guidance and tips to help you get the most out of LinkedIn Learning on your desktop and mobile devices.

Video Tutorial: An Introduction to LinkedIn Learning

In this video, Andy Todd, the University's LinkedIn Learning Service Manager explains how to access, use and get the very best out of LinkedIn Learning. 

Video: An Introduction to linkedin learning
Video showing how to use LinkedIn Learning.

Topics covered include:

  • Creating your free account and logging into LinkedIn Learning via MyEd
  • Navigating the LinkedIn Learning interface and setting a learning goal
  • Searching and filtering the library for particular courses or videos 
  • Navigating and viewing a course and understanding the playback options
  • Downloading and using course exercise files
  • Saving videos and creating a custom collection (playlist)
  • Sharing collections, courses and videos with other users
  • Viewing learning history and accessing certificates of completion
  • Various other tips and tricks to help you get the best out of LinkedIn Learning 

This video is a shortened version of the online/classroom training offered by the University's Digital Skills and Training team for LinkedIn Learning.

Searching the LinkedIn Learning library

It's likely that you'll want to start exploring LinkedIn Learning by searching the library for skills, courses and videos. You can either search for content using the Browse menu or the search box at the top of the page. 

  • To browse courses by category (Business, Creative and Technology), click on the Browse button and select a category. Within each category, you can search by subject, software or learning path. To display more results, use the relevant Show All buttons.
  • Type your keyword or title into the search box and choose a resource or click on 'See all results for...' to view all related results (with filter options).

Accessing LinkedIn Learning content via People and Money (staff)

Members of staff can also access English versions of LinkedIn Learning courses through the Learning app within the University's People and Money system. Enrolling on LinkedIn Learning courses through People and Money will automatically create a record of your learning within People and Money (and within LinkedIn Learning) that will be visible to both yourself and your line manager.

If you have completed a LinkedIn Learning course that you did not enrol on through People and Money, you can add this course history to your learning record retrospectively.  To do so, simply search the Learning app within People and Money for the title of the LinkedIn Learning course you have already completed, open the course by clicking on its title and click Enroll. After a couple of minutes, the course should appear within your Transcript. Please be aware that there is a known issue whereby courses added retrospectively will appear within your Transcript but their duration will not be added to your 'Hours of Learning This Year' total.   

Sharing LinkedIn Learning content 

LinkedIn Learning allows you to share videos, courses, collections and learning paths with other users either directly to your LinkedIn profile, Microsoft Teams, Facebook, Twitter or to a new email. You can also copy and share a direct link to a video, course, collection or learning path. The easiest way to share a link to a video or a course is to open the video and click on the Share button (arrow) at the top right of the video player's window. From the menu, choose Link and copy either the link to the video you are currently viewing or the entire course. 

Step-by-step instructions for sharing a video, course or collection can be found in the above 'An introduction to LinkedIn Learning' video tutorial.

Teaching with LinkedIn Learning 

LinkedIn Learning is a great all-in-one solution for enhancing all types of education. From soft skills to software, there's a course to add value to any academic program. Best of all, LinkedIn Learning benefits educators as much as students, providing a way to consolidate resources and archive your lessons for future use.

In the 'Teaching with LinkedIn Learning' course, the LinkedIn Learning team shows how to use the tools and features of LinkedIn Learning to meet student learning needs and provide a centralised place for all your learning materials, including custom videos, links, and PDFs. Find out how to integrate digital resources into your classes and curriculum, and then dive into practical use cases for using LinkedIn Learning with students.

View the 'Teaching with LinkedIn Learning' course on LinkedIn Learning (sign in required to view)

LinkedIn Learning on mobile devices

LinkedIn Learning's mobile app allows you to learn on the go by downloading and viewing videos and courses. The app is available on IOS and Android devices.

Downloading the app

You can download the mobile app from your device's app store. For more information on downloading the app on your specific device, see the Downloading and Updating LinkedIn Learning Apps page of the LinkedIn Learning website.

Using the app

As mentioned above, the LinkedIn Learning app allows you to download courses and videos to view offline at a time and place convenient to you.  Instructions on downloading content using the app can be found on the Downloading and Viewing Learning Videos Offline page of the LinkedIn Learning website.