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LinkedIn Learning FAQ

Frequently asked questions about the University's LinkedIn Learning service.

What is LinkedIn Learning?

LinkedIn Learning is an online learning service offering over 17,000 courses and 250,000 videos in Creative, Business and Technology Skills.

Is LinkedIn Learning free and who is entitled to use it? 

LinkedIn Learning is free to staff and students at The University of Edinburgh. The University’s subscription to LinkedIn Learning is not available for students who have yet to matriculate (start at the University), or are alumni.

How do I create my LinkedIn Learning account? 

To activate your account follow the instructions on our Account creation and service access page.

Will I still be able to access LinkedIn Learning after I graduate or leave the University?

Students who graduate and members of staff who leave the University will still be able to access their LinkedIn Learning account for a short period of time after leaving. The amount of time accounts can be accessed is based on the University's account expiry policy and varies depending on your status. Find out more on our Account creation and service access page.

Who do I contact for support queries? 

Please visit the IS Helpline’s Get Support page or contact them via email at Remember to provide as much information as possible about yourself, the device you’re using and the problem you’re experiencing. Alternatively, you can also raise a support ticket directly via LinkedIn Learning's Help page.

Can I access LinkedIn Learning off-campus? 

Yes. LinkedIn Learning can be accessed from anywhere in the world either on your PC, mobile or tablet.   

What should I do if I’ve already paid for a personal LinkedIn Learning account? 

Once you have activated your University LinkedIn Learning account, contact LinkedIn Learning directly to discuss closing your personal account and moving any learning history over. 

Do I need to connect my LinkedIn profile to my LinkedIn Learning account to use the service? 

No. You can create and use your University LinkedIn Learning account without having to connect it to a personal LinkedIn profile.  

You will be given the option to connect your LinkedIn profile during activation. If you choose to connect your LinkedIn profile then you will receive additional benefits such as personalised content recommendations based on your LinkedIn profile information. If you don't connect your accounts during sign up you can always do so at a later date.

To find out more about connecting your accounts, visit our Connecting your LinkedIn profile and Learning account page.

If I connect my LinkedIn profile to my LinkedIn Learning account will my learning activity automatically be published to it?  

No. You have full control over sharing your LinkedIn Learning history and achievements with your personal LinkedIn Profile. 

How do I disconnect my LinkedIn Learning profile and personal LinkedIn Learning account?

If you decide that you no longer wish to have your accounts connected, please contact the IS Helpline to request that they are disconnected. Remember to provide your name, University Username and email address in the call. Your accounts should be disconnected within 72 hours. 

Will the University's LinkedIn Learning administrator have access to view the activity on my personal LinkedIn account? 

No. The University’s administrator will only be able to see your learning activities such as courses/videos you’ve viewed on your University of Edinburgh provided LinkedIn Learning account. 

How do I share LinkedIn Learning content with others?

As a LinkedIn Learning user, you can share videos, courses, Learning Paths and Collections with other users of the service. There are specific ways to share content (rather than simply copying the link in the address bar) to ensure that users are provided with the correct link.

Guidance and videos showing the correct method of sharing LinkedIn Learning content can be found on our Sharing LinkedIn Learning content webpage.