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HEARTe: Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest

The latest module to be added to the HEARTe resource: "Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest: A Resource for Responders".

Case study Edward getting CPR in a shopping centre from a security guard


Over the last year the Interactive Content team have been working with Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland (CHSS) to produce a new module "Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest (OHCA)" funded by the Scottish Government. The module was launched at the Scottish Community Resuscitation Conference 2017 in Fife on September 30th.

Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest: A Resource for Responders

The latest resource focuses on providing support and guidance for those attending an OHCA in a trained capacity. It explores the physical, psychological, social and practical issues which may be experienced after attending an OHCA.

Development of the OHCA module includes the expert input of multi-disciplinary professions. The module was written by a team of authors and managed by Caitrian Guthrie, e-learning project manager at CHSS. Jackie Aim was the project lead for the Interactive Content team. The authors and contributors included:

Social media

Virtual patients

Case study Rose collapsed in her kitchen

The resource has three fictional case studies (virtual patients) which feature different OHCA scenarios all based on real-life accounts. These cases aim to increase awareness of potential physical, psychological and social consequences of an OHCA on those involved in responding, as well as the aftercare and rehabilitation of those affected.

HTML5 interactives

Tumult Hype was combined with bespoke artwork to create interactive diagrams, medical documents, slideshows and other learning resources.

This HTML5 e-learning content was further enhanced with the use of audio and video recordings.

OHCA exemplar

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All HEARTe resources are all available as free digital downloads, under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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HEARTe: Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest (open access e-learning module)

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