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HEARTe free cardiac learning resource

Health professionals across Scotland have welcomed HEARTe, the first comprehensive, web-based, free training programme for all health and social care staff caring for people with heart disease.



Led by Scotland’s Health Charity, Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland (CHSS), the first phase of HEARTe (Heart Education Awareness Resource and Training through E-learning) launched at a national heart conference in Stirling on November 29th 2013.

CHSS is working in partnership with NHS Scotland, British Heart Foundation (BHF) Scotland and the University of Edinburgh (Interactive Content team, Information Services) to produce HEARTe, which is funded by the Scottish Government through the National Advisory Committee for Heart Disease.



“This new interactive online resource will improve the skills of health and social care staff and enhance the care of people living with heart disease across Scotland.”

Suzanne BellHEARTe Project Manager


“We are delighted to have funded the HEARTe initiative. This is an excellent example of collaboration between the third sector and NHS Scotland, leading to an innovative educational resource for health and social care professionals. It will have real and positive impacts for people in Scotland and is a great practical illustration of ourcommitment to the 2020 Vision for health and social care services.” 

Alex NeilCabinet Secretary for Health and Wellbeing at the time of launch


“HEARTe is a fantastic innovation that will enhance the skills of health and social professionals so they can continue to help BHF Scotland fight for every heartbeat.”

Marjory BurnsDirector at BHF Scotland


Development of HEARTe includes the expert input of multi-disciplinary professions. The resource currently has 8 core level modules to cover a range of different aspects of cardiac disease. These modules are healthy heart and common cardiac investigations, primary prevention, stable coronary heart disease, acute coronary syndromes, cardiac rehabilitation, heart failure, palliative care in heart disease and atrial fibrillation.

Phase II of HEARTe is currently under development with Project Manager Caitrian Guthrie and will be available towards the end of 2016. There will be 5 new modules including cardiac investigations, hypertension, inherited and congenital heart disease, multi-morbidities and psychological impact of cardiac disease.



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