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Video and interactive marketing materials for 3 Nursing Studies distance learning courses.


The School of Health in Social Science (HSS) approached the Interactive Content team in 2013 Q2 with the challenge of enhancing the digital presence of their Nursing Studies eCPD portfolio. Our solution focussed on content generation for 3 distance learning courses (Telecare, Person Centred Care and Leadership) with a series of talking head videos and accompanying interactive learning objects (HTML5-based). The team members who collaborated with Sharon Levy (Nursing Studies lecturer) included Jackie Aim, Stewart Cromar and Luke Lewis.

These multi-format marketing materials were successfully deployed 2014 Q1 within the University CMS (Polopoly) and HSS Vimeo channel.

Video Example

Interactive Examples

3 mobile-compliant interactives were created for the different courses, each one mirroring a popular on-campus taught activity or exercise.


COD Overview (Sheila Rodgers)

Telecare (Sharon Levy)

Person Centred Care (Dorothy Armstrong)

Leadership: Exploring your Potential (Maggie Carson)

HSS Vimeo Channel