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Vote 100 hybrid exhibition

New hybrid exhibition celebrating a centenary of women’s suffrage now open at the Main Library and online.

Large touchscreen panel featuring Vote 100 Histropedia timeline
Large touchscreen panel featuring Vote 100 Histropedia timeline. Rachel Hosker (L) and Ewan McAndrew (R).


The Interactive Content team worked in close collaboration with the Library and University Collections (L&UC) to launch a new hybrid exhibition celebrating the centenary of women being granted the vote.

Unique artefacts from the Collections provide insight into the history of the University of Edinburgh's suffragettes fight for the right to vote, including their address to the House of Lords.

The physical exhibition will be available at the Main Library until the end of 2018, but the EdWeb companion website should continue to open the Collections up to a new global audience. 

Vote 100 timeline

Visitors can visually explore the women's suffrage in Scotland story via a Histropedia timeline. This bespoke timeline focuses on Vote 100 significant figures with direct connections to either the city of Edinburgh or the University of Edinburgh itself.

This interactive timeline can be viewed online or within the Main Library foyer  via a large touchscreen panel.

The Histropedia timeline combines both Wikipedia and Wikidata from a number of newly created biography articles written at several Wikipedia editing events held at the University of Edinburgh this year.

Open educational resources

On display at the Main Library, until the end of December, are a number of previouly unpublished letters between Chrystal MacMillan, Margaret Nairn and Frances Simson.

The Vote 100 website also contains high-resolution photographs and complete transcripts for all the correspondence courtesy of Rachel Hosker, Archives Manager at the Centre for Research Collections.

All these images are published by the University's Centre for Research Collections under a Creative Commons Attribution licence.

Telegram from Chrystal MacMillan to Frances Simson
Telegram from Chrystal MacMillan to Frances Simson stating that their appearance in was almost certain and that she should come by the morning train tomorrow. This was to discuss who should speak if only one was going to be allowed. She mentions that the solicitors will be writing. 6 November 1908

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Vote 100 online exhibition

Vote 100 Histopedia timeline