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The ECAS is a brief multidomain assessment originally designed for people with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS/Motor Neurone Disease) but is also useful in other neurodegenerative disorders.

Preview of 'ECAS International' web page


The Interactive Content team were approached by Professor Sharon Abrahams within PPLS (School of Philosophy, Psychology & Language Sciences) to update their existing WordPress project website. Redevelopment would focus on both improvements to the website design and visual identity of the ECAS assessment.


The total development time for this project was four days and the following deliverables were achieved:

  • website design and redevelopment
  • WordPress bespoke theme (responsive)
  • establish private area for restricted e-learning content
  • enable HTTPS (install SSL certificate)
  • advice and assistance regarding open educational resources (OER) and Media Hopper Create


In addition, Stewart Lamb Cromar (Interactive Content Manager) recommended the installation of Google Analytics. This was configured to track all ECAS resources downloaded (PDF files) and external reference links clicked. These statistics can now be included in ECAS project reports providing evidence of active engagement.


The service you provided was excellent, Stewart was able to identify our needs quickly and efficiently, discussed the concepts in depth and produced an excellent finished product without delay. I am delighted with how this turned out. Thanks very much.

Prof. Sharon Abrahams (Professor of Neuropsychology) April 6, 2018

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ECAS (project website)

Before and after comparison

Drag the vertical slider to compare the website, before and after the website redevelopment.