Student Academic Fees

Your student fees must be paid in full on or before matriculation at the start of each new academic year, unless you are paying by instalment. The payment options available to you will depend on how you are funding your studies.

You may be considered to be:

  • an externally-funded student if you are receiving financial support from your government, being funded by a sponsor or have arranged a tuition fee student loan
  • a self-funded student if you are funding your own studies, getting financial help from family or friends, or are receiving financial assistance direct from an external funder
  • an internally-funded student if you are receiving a scholarship, award or other funding from the University which is not paid directly to you

Register how you will pay your tuition fees 

You must tell us how you intend to pay your tuition fees using the form provided.    

When you submit the form, which was previously known as Financial Registration Form, you will be directed to the next steps you need to take to pay your tuition fees or to confirm your funding to us. 

You will need to complete this form before you start to study with us and then at the start of every academic year. 

Register how you will pay your tuition fees (secured)



As a self-funded student you can securely pay your tuition fees in full by card or by bank transfer, or in most cases we can agree for you to pay by instalments.


As an externally-funded student the process of paying your tuition fees will depend on the type of external funding you receive.


If you are an internally-funded student, this means you will have an award, funding or a scholarship from the University for all or part of your tuition fees.

Multiple funding sources or an unlisted funder

If you have multiple funding sources or your funder isn’t listed on our webpages, you might need to contact the Finance helpline.

Timetable for tuition fee payments

You will find due dates for tuition fee payments and the recurring card payment (RCP) instruction for the current academic year in this timetable: 

Other student fees

Fees charged for courses provided on a modular basis are invoiced at course level (ICL) are due in full on or before matriculation and at the start of each module or course thereafter.

You will need to pay other student fees, charges or costs in full during the academic year when you are notified.

Online information sessions

If you would like more information about paying tuition fees, module fees, other related charges and costs, you can register for one of our online information sessions.

These sessions are led by the Income Section of the Finance Department who are responsible for collecting student academic fees.

Register for an online information session

Queries about fee status and tuition fees

If you have queries about your fee status or concerns about your charged tuition fees then you should contact the Fees and Student Support team.

Fees contact form