Matriculation - Paying Fees

All students must matriculate with the University at the beginning of their studies, and then matriculate for each new academic session thereafter.

Matriculation carries with it the agreement to abide by University rules. This includes payment of all student fees relating to your studies and allows access to the services and facilities offered to you by the University. 

Financial Registration

By Welcome Week you should have either

  • paid your student fees
  • set up an instalment instruction
  • provided us with sponsor, grant or loan funding evidence
  • confirmed you have SAAS or Student Finance funding in place

Please do this by completing the Financial Registration form below. The form will guide you to the payment option that fits with your funding, allow you to pay any fees due or set up an instalment plan.


Financial Registration Form

Individual payment guidance

Finance staff are available:

  • by phone - opening hours Monday to Friday 10:00 to 16:45 - +44 (0) 131 651 5151 option 1
  • by email -
  • on MS Teams - Booking for Pay Fees Guidance

Answers to common questions and support topics - EdHelp

Undergraduate - how to pay your fees

the 2021/22 video will be available soon

Postgraduate - how to pay your fees

the 2021/22 video will be available soon