Matriculation - Paying Fees

All students must matriculate with the University at the beginning of their studies, and then matriculate for each new academic session thereafter.

Matriculation carries with it the agreement to abide by University rules. This includes payment of all student fees relating to your studies and allows access to the services and facilities offered to you by the University. 

By Welcome Week you should either pay the student fees, set up an instalment instruction, or provide sponsor, grant or loan funding evidence to the relevant team.

Payment of tuition fees, module fees and other charges or costs can be made with one or a combination of payment options and the flowchart may help in your decisions:

Self-funded students

If you are a self-funded student then we recommend paying online or by bank transfer.

Payment methods for self-funded students

Externally-funded students

If you are an externally-funded student then you may need to send evidence of your financial support or sponsor funding to the relevant team.

Funder paying the University directly

If your funder is paying your tuition fees directly to the University then send your proof of sponsorship, grant or loan funding to the below email address. You do not need to do this if you have a US loan award, a career development loan award, or you are a undergraduate student with SAAS or Student Finance (SLC) funding.

Funder paying the student

If your funder is sending your tuition fees directly to you for onward remittance to the University then send your proof of sponsorship, grant or loan funding to the below email address. This includes students with a private student loan.

Individual payment advice

Finance staff are available:

  • by phone - opening hours Monday to Friday 11:00 to 16:45 - +44 (0) 131 651 5151
  • by email -
  • on MS Teams - Booking for Pay Fees Guidance

Answers to common questions and support topics - EdHelp

You do not need to contact us if...

You do not need to meet Income Section, Finance staff if you have either:

1 A confirmed award from SAAS or a tuition fee loan from Student Finance (SLC) for the full tuition fees to be charged
2 Provided written proof of your confirmed financial support, sponsor or scholarship to Student Administration or Finance and this covers the full fees to be charged
3 Already paid the full fees to be charged and this is visible in your student fees account transactions on the Finance Channel in MyEd as either a 'current item' or in 'history'.
4 Part paid and have supplied written proof of funding for the balance of the full fees to be charged (a combination of 2 and 3 above)
5 Already paid the first instalment, 50% of the full fees to be charged, and this is visible in the Finance Channel (as 3 above) – please ensure the online direct debit mandate is completed by the mandate due date per the direct debit timetable

You must contact us if...

You must contact (preferably by email) Income Section, Finance staff if you:

1 Need to provide evidence of financial aid from:  
  a. A postgraduate loan or professional or career development loan (CDL) within the UK

The Income Section require a copy of the loan agreement/payment schedule showing the amounts and dates when payment will be made direct to the student (Student Finance Doctoral/Postgraduate Loan) or sent to the University’s bank account (CDL).

The instalment dates will be specific to the loan payment dates. SAAS Postgraduate Loans are paid direct to the University.

Any shortfall in the loan amount compared to the fees charged must be paid by the student in advance or when matriculating.

  b. A state educational loan from governments in Canada or the Nordic and Scandinavian countries (for example) Students must provide to the Income Section a copy of the funding letter from their government before a specific payment plan can be set up
  c. An educational bank loan from a bank in India (for example) The Income Section needs a copy of the educational (bank) loan agreement detailing the amount and pay date(s). The loan payment dates must be the standard University instalment dates per the direct debit timetable.
2 Have not yet paid the fees to be charged, in full or part payment See payment methods below
3 Have paid the fees to be charged (in full or part) but the payment is not shown on the Finance Channel Proof of payment (a receipt or other transaction document) is required so the Income Section can locate the missing payment
4 Have a payment query  

 For security reasons cash payments are not accepted. If you have a specific query about this then please contact the Income Section.

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