Definitions of words used by Finance in relation to the billing and collection of student academic fees.

Sponsor definition

Sponsors include:

  • public sector organisations
  • government agencies
  • charitable trusts
  • international governments and agencies
  • foundations
  • not-for-profit organisations
  • private sector employers

Sponsors will have formally agreed to pay all or part of the study, study costs and living costs directly to the student for onward remittance to the University or direct to the University. If sponsors are paying direct to the University then payment must be in full. Sponsors cannot pay by instalment.

If your fees are being paid on your behalf by a sponsor direct to the University, you need to provide evidence of the award on official headed paper as soon as possible to the Fees and Student Support Team, Student Administration:

Scholarships and Student Funding Services

Family members or friends who have agreed to assist you with your fees do not count as sponsors for this purpose, and you will not be categorised as having sponsorship.

Fee definitions

Fee Type Description
Tuition Fee annual fees payable during a student's prescribed period of study - this is the only fee type that can be paid by instalment
Additional Programme Costs (including Research Costs) charged annually as notified in the formal Letter of Admission, rates vary according to the field of study
Individual Course Fees fees charged at a course level - more information is available on the Scholarships and Student Funding website (link below)
Matriculation Fee charged to postgraduate research students for one year after the period for which annual fees are payable
Annual Continuation Fee any postgraduate research student continuing study beyond the period for which annual fees are payable is required to pay one matriculation fee in the following academic year and then a continuation fee for every authorised extension until they submit their thesis
Examination / ReExamination / ReSubmission charged to undergraduate students for entry to the re-examination diet and/or coursework/essay resubmission assessment
  charged to higher degree students on first submission of thesis
  charged to postgraduate students upon second submission of thesis (after referral)
Late Payment Fee charged by Finance to students who fail to pay; by the final due date; within the 30 days credit terms of the invoice or as agreed on the instalment payment schedule
Administration Fee charged by Finance to students with a failed instalment payment or unpaid cheque

Other terms

  • MyEd - Online portal providing web based services including the email system and My finance
  • Recurring Card Payment - an automated payment method allowing agreed amounts to be collected on scheduled dates direct from a debit or credit card
  • Invoice - A bill. If sent to you, we are expecting you to pay it: if it is unexpected because you have sponsorship, then contact us promptly
  • Credit note - This cancels a previously issued invoice, in full or in part. You do not need to pay this