Enlightenment Lectures

Global leaders examine aspects of the Enlightenment's legacy in the context of our own fraught and hectic times.

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Lecture series content

The video podcast contains the following lectures:

  1. Julia Marton-Lefèvre - The Promise of 2015: Hopes for a New Environmental Enlightenment
  2. Prof. Sir John Beddington - Legacies of the 20th Century and Challenges for the 21st
  3. Prof. Lord Robert Winston - Medicine, Ethics and Society
  4. Prof. Mary Robinson - Human rights in the modern world
  5. Prof. Stefan Collini - From Belles-Lettres to Eng-Lit: Criticism and its Publics
  6. Prof. Aubrey Manning - Population: Can We Begin to Talk Sensibly?
  7. Prof. Amartya Sen - David Hume and the Demands of Ethics
  8. Jon Snow - A Changing Media in a Changing World
  9. Prof. Steve Jones - Is Human Evolution Over?
  10. Prof. Joseph Stiglitz - Globalisation and the 21st Century Enlightenment
  11. Irene Khan - The War on Terror, A War on Liberty?
  12. Prof. Daniel Dennett: Is Science Showing That We Don't Have Free Will?

The audio podcast contains some additional content from a complementary seminar series on Enlightenment and popular culture:

  1. Lord Nigel Crisp - Turning the World Upside Down: The Search for Global Health in the 21st Century
  2. Mr Hugh Cheape - A Neo-baroque Strain in Scottish Folk Music
  3. Dr Adam Fox - 18th Century Street Theatre: Bedlamites and Buffoons
  4. Dr Stana Nenadic - The Performance of Sociability in the Age of Enlightenment OR They do it with Mirrors
  5. Dr Lloyd Llewellyn-Jones - Handel In The Orient
  6. Dr Stephen Lloyd - Raeburn and His Patrons
  7. Dr Walter Willett - The Optimal Diet for 21st Century Living
  8. Prof. Steven Pinker - The Stuff of Thought: Language as a Window into Human Nature
  9. Jose Manuel Barroso - European Union in the 21st Century
  10. Dr Lawrence Klein - A Retired Shopkeeper Makes Enlightenment
  11. Prof. Tom Devine - A Puzzle from the Past: Why the Scottish Enlightenment Happened