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11 Oct 23. Imaging Physics Meeting 2023

A new monthly meeting bringing together researchers from all imaging modalities, which will be known as Imaging Physics

Date and time 11 Oct 2023 2pm then on a monthly basis
Venue Board Room, Chancellor's Building SU302 (Ease log in required)
Registration No registration required - University staff welcome to attend

We are pleased to announce that our first Imaging Physics meeting will be in the Board Room in Chancellors SU302 on the 11th October at 2pm.  Our speaker will be Tom MacGillivray who will tell us about the thrills and spills of retinal imaging.

Future meetings will be held in-person only at the Mary Kinross room in the QMRI building on the second Wednesday of each month. All are welcome to attend, Post-docs and PhD/Masters students are highly encouraged.  We hope this new meeting format will also provide support and advice for students and young investigators.  


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