Edinburgh Imaging

Medical physics

Medical physicists work under the Edinburgh Imaging umbrella to provide expertise across a wide range of imaging modalities.

BRIC - MR scanner Iona

Roles & activities include:

  • Research into development & validation of advanced imaging techniques
  • Application of imaging techniques in health & disease
  • Academic input & technical support for clinical & preclinical studies
  • Scientific expertise to support the operation of our scanning facilities, including quality assurance monitoring
  • State-regulated Medical Physics Experts (MPE) & clinical scientists contributing to radiation protection, MR safety & other areas of facility management & policy
  • Translating research techniques into the clinical domain




Imaging techniques

We use & develop a variety of advanced imaging techniques to study common medical problems & physiology.

Quality assurance

Our quality assurance programmes ensure that our imaging hardware is properly maintained & provides consistently high quality results.

Medical physics team members

View our medical physicists who work at our Edinburgh Imaging facilities.


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