Edinburgh Imaging

Medical physics

Medical physicists work under the Edinburgh Imaging umbrella to provide expertise across a wide range of imaging modalities.

BRIC - MR scanner Iona

Roles & activities include:

  • Research into development & validation of advanced imaging techniques
  • Application of imaging techniques in health & disease
  • Academic input & technical support for clinical & preclinical studies
  • Scientific expertise to support the operation of our scanning facilities, including quality assurance monitoring
  • State-regulated Medical Physics Experts (MPE) & clinical scientists contributing to radiation protection, MR safety & other areas of facility management & policy
  • Translating research techniques into the clinical domain




Imaging techniques

We use & develop a variety of advanced imaging techniques to study common medical problems & physiology.

Quality assurance

Our quality assurance programmes ensure that our imaging hardware is properly maintained & provides consistently high quality results.

CZI Imaging Scientist award

The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative (CZI) Imaging Scientist award aims to increase interactions between biologists and imaging technology experts.

Medical physics team members

View our medical physicists who work at our Edinburgh Imaging facilities.


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