College of Medicine & Veterinary Medicine

Post-doctoral societies

Societies in the College specifically for post-docs.

The College has several post-doc societies. These are created and run by post-docs for post-docs, but also welcome other interested researchers.

Joining your local society is a great way to get to know your community through social interactions, information sharing and regular wide-ranging career and training events.  

These societies often host cross-campus events, so joining a society will allow you to meet and interact with post-docs across the wider College community.

There are currently four active post-doc societies in the College: 


BioQuarter PostDoc Society (BQPS) 

BQPDS represents post-docs in the Edinburgh Bioquarter (Little France campus).


Twitter: @BQPDS

George Square PostDoc Society (G2PD) 

G2PD represents College post-docs in George Square (Hugh Robson Building and 1 George Square).

Email: or joining mailing list

Twitter page

G2PD SharePoint


IGC Postdoctoral Society (PODs)

For post-docs based at any of the buildings in the Institute of Genetics and Cancer or at the Western General Hospital.


Twitter: @IGC_PODS



Easter Bush Postdoctoral Committee 

For those at the Vet School and Roslin Institute on the Easter Bush campus.

Email: or join mailing list

Sharepoint page 


The Easter Bush Postdoctoral Committee also host a weekly virtual coffee break from 3-4pm (alternative weeks Tuesday/Thursday). To join the session, register on Kumospace:

PD virtual meeting