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26 Oct 23. AI in Radiology 2023

Professor Yoshiyuki Watanabe, from Shiga University in Medical Science, will be presenting his seminar on "Artificial Intelligence in Radiology."

Date and time 26 Oct 2023 12.30pm
Venue Room 3, Chancellor's Building
Registration No registration required - University staff welcome to attend

We are pleased to announce that Professor Yoshiyuki Watanabe, Professor of Neuroradiology and Chair of the Department of Radiology at Shiga University of Medical Science (SUMS), near Kyoto, in Japan, will be presenting on Thursday 26 October from 12.30pm, in Room 3 of the Chancellor’s Building. The title of his talk is, “Artificial Intelligence in Radiology”.


Advancements in deep learning-driven image recognition have catalyzed a surge in artificial intelligence (AI) research within diagnostic radiology. By 2023, the volume of AI software obtaining regulatory endorsement has expanded, marking a transition from preliminary research to tangible clinical application. These AI platforms encompass a spectrum of diagnostic procedures: image reconstruction, lesion identification, quantification, and differential diagnosis.

This lecture will elucidate the efficacy of cerebral hemorrhage detection software in brain CT scans developed at our institution and the diagnostic precision of commercially available tools endorsed by the Japanese FDA in real-world situation. Additionally, findings pertaining to lung CT super-resolution and intercostal muscle segmentation will be unveiled.

We conclude with an overview of the role of AI in global health.


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