Dr Gemma McCorkell

Honorary Clinical Fellow

Dr Gemma McCorkell

Honorary Clinical Fellow

  • Anatomy
  • Edinburgh Medical School: Biomedical Sciences
  • University of Edinburgh

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Gemma was initially awarded a BSc(Hons) in Neuroscience at the University of Edinburgh in 2010 before pursing a career in Medicine at the University of St. Andrews and University of Manchester in 2016. She completed her foundation years in NHS Tayside further developing her interest in Surgery where she became an Executive council member of the Association of Surgeons in Training, helping to represent the views of UK trainees. In 2019 she worked at the University of Edinburgh as an Anatomy Teaching and Research Fellow and has recently been awarded Honorary Clinical Fellow. Gemma is now a surgical trainee at Kings College Hospital, London but continues to deliver teaching in anatomy at the University of Edinburgh.

Gemma has a keen interest in an array of outdoor sports including surfing, skiing and tennis, as well as enjoying many artistic hobbies.

Teaching overview

In 2019 Gemma joined the University as an Anatomy Research Fellow teaching undergraduate and postgraduate aspects of the anatomy of the human body while further developing her own research skills. Her enthusiasm for teaching was demonstrated when she was awarded teacher of the month by the students and runner up teacher of the month and was later awarded Honorary Clinical fellow. In this role Gemma delivers practical sessions across a wide range of anatomical subjects to medical, biomedical science and anatomy students. In addition to this she has a focus on clinically-orientated anatomy teaching to draw from her experiences and contextualise learning for students. Gemma looks forward to helping students grasp the challenging concepts in anatomy and inspiring others into surgical careers. 

Gemma has also helped to develop Plastic Surgery courses to UK junior surgical trainees through her involvement in the Association of Surgeons in Training and looks forward to developing new courses for trainees.

Published/ Presented Work

Hogg. G.,  Goswamy, J., Khwaja, S. and Khwaja K.  (2017) Laryngeal Trauma following an inhalation injury: A review and case report; Journal of Voice, 31: (3):  PMID: 27884557

Hogg, G., Steven, R., Spielmann, P. (2018) Benign Pleormorphic Adenoma in the facial nerve, Ear Nose and Throat Journal (in PRESS).

Collaborator Author: Project steering group, ASiT/BOTA Lost Tribe Study Group, (In PRESS)  Early years postgraduate surgical training programmes in the UK are failing to meet national quality standards: An analysis from the ASiT/BOTA Lost Tribe prospective cohort study of 2,569 surgical trainees: International Journal of Surgery, (17)31327-4  PMID:  29037970

Hogg, G., McMullan, A.E.L, Spielmann, P. and Jones, S. (2018) Early Outcomes with Balloon Eustachian Tuboplasty in a UK populationBACO International Conference, Middle ear surgery symposium Manchester, oral presentation. 

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