Sameer Dhumale

Senior Lecturer in Anatomy

Sameer Dhumale

Senior Lecturer in Anatomy

  • University of Edinburgh
  • Old Medical School
  • Teviot Place

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Sameer graduated from Queen Mary, University of London with a BSc (hons) in Biology. His strong interest in anatomy led him to pursue a masters in Human Anatomy at Edinburgh Medical School where he earned a distinction for his work. Sameer carried out pioneering dissertation work with Consultant Plastic and Hand Surgeon, Mr Wee Lam, exploring the feasibility of utilising three-dimensional (3D) printing in anatomy education using cadaveric dissection.

Sameer was employed by the University of Edinburgh as an Anatomy Teaching Fellow in 2015 following his successful MSc. He was subsequently promoted to Lecturer in Anatomy in August 2018, and then to Senior Lecturer in 2023.

Teaching Overview

Sameer holds a number of senior roles in teaching and assessment across a broad portfolio of programmes within Edinburgh Medical and Biomedical Schools. Sameer designs and delivers lecture and practical content for undergraduate medical students (MBChB), undergraduate biomedical science students (BSc), online postgraduate Anatomical Sciences students (PGDip) and postgraduate human anatomy students (MSc) where he also guides dissection surgeries and viva examinations. Alongside our flagship programmes, Sameer teaches advanced regional anatomy sessions for Core Surgical Trainees (Scotland Deanery) and external allied health professionals. Sameer also operates as a lead and support academic for public engagement events run throughout the year, as well as organiser of our annual summer anatomy courses for an international group.

In addition to these teaching roles, Sameer enjoys his responsibilities that extend to Course Organiser for his dissection-based elective ‘Anatomy of the Head and Neck’ (BSc Y4 and intercalating MBChB students), professional mentor to MBChB students and SSC tutor (MBChB years 2-5), and Higher Education Academy mentor to Edinburgh staff aiming for associate level accreditation.

As the Director of Anatomy Exams for Edinburgh Medical School, Sameer is also responsible for directing the design and implementation of anatomy practical examination for MBChB students (years 1 and 2, and HCP). He holds positions on the associated MBChB main exam and resit progression boards, and on the board of examiners for the Online Anatomical Sciences programme.

Sameer possesses professional accreditation as a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and is a full member of the Anatomical Society.

Research Overview

Sameer has been involved in a number of research projects within the Anatomy Department.

Published/ Presented:

  • Campbell I, Alashkham A, Dhumale S, Findlater G, Gillingwater T. Edinburgh Hybrid Embalming method [abstract]. Clinical Anatomy 1-17. (Presented in ISCAA; June 2019; Madrid)
  • Dhumale S, Barraclough TW, Stokes A, Lam W. (2018). Producing 3D printed hand models for anatomy education using cadaveric dissection: a feasibility study. Bull R Coll Surg Engl; 100(5): 217– 22
  • Thompson C, Dhumale S, Alashkham A. The Incidence of Accessory Foramina for the Vertebral artery in the Atlas and their Clinical Implications [abstract]. BACA Summer Meeting; June 2018; Cambridge
  • McCulloch V, Dhumale S, Thompson C, and Alashkham A. Multiple Tendons of Abductor Pollicis Longus: A Cadaveric Study [Poster]. Anatomical Society Winter Meeting; December 2017; Dundee
  • Dhumale S, and Alashkham A. (2016). Unilateral Variation of Iliacus Muscle and Femoral Nerve Split: A Case Report with Clinical Implications. Argentine Journal of Clinical Anatomy. 8 (2); 104-109
  • Dhumale S, Hubbard S, and Alashkham A. (2017) Investigating the role of mastoid processes in sexing British dry skulls [poster]. Journal of Anatomy 232(2): 304-355. Anatomical Society Summer Meeting; June 2017; Galway
  • Farnworth A, Dhumale S, and Alashkham A. (2018) Sexual dimorphism in adult human Caucasian and Asian dry skulls [poster]. Journal of Anatomy 232(6): 1038 - 1064. Anatomical Society Winter Meeting; December 2018; Dundee

MSc Project Supervisor

  • Sexual dimorphism in adult Caucasian and Asian dry skulls
  • Sex determination of mandible: a morphological and morphometric analysis
  • Sexual dimorphism in adult British dry skulls
  • Comparison of sex determination between Malay and Indian populations
  • Sex determination of Malay mandibles