Alethea Kelsey

Teaching Fellow in Anatomical Sciences

Alethea Kelsey

Teaching fellow in Anatomical Sciences

  • Old Medical School
  • Teviot Place
  • EH8 9AG

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Alethea completed her BSc (Hons) in Medical Sciences from the University of Edinburgh in 2013, and returned to undertake the MSc in Human Anatomy here at Edinburgh, graduating in 2014.

Alethea is principal teaching fellow and the course organiser for Anatomical Sciences online programme based in Anatomy@Edinburgh within Edinburgh Medical School’s Biomedical Sciences Teaching Organisation. 


Alethea leads our Postgraduate online learning portfolio as course organiser of seven individual courses worth 110 Credit points, teaching as well as coordinating lecturers and tutors for content delivery and assessment. With the Anatomy team Alethea assists to deliver anatomical teaching and assessment to our MBChB cohorts in years 1, 2 & 4 as well as contributing to courses in Anatomy & Pathology for BSc Medical Sciences and Anatomy & Development for BSc Biomedical Sciences students.
Alethea also regularly teaches on our bespoke anatomy courses for various groups of individuals including the Anatomy@Edinburgh Public Workshop series. As a valued member of the Biomedical Sciences Teaching Organisation and a previous student Alethea gives talks to various perspective students and visitors as well as teaching BSc Biomedical Sciences in their first core course Biomedical Sciences 1, Forensic Investigation 4 and various workshops that help to enrich the student experience. Additionally Alethea delivers pastoral care to both undergraduate and postgraduate students as a Personal Tutor.


Alethea is passionate about the student journey within Edinburgh Medical School: Biomedical Sciences and seeks to improve awareness and use of all the sources of support available to all students.