Professor Stephen Mchanwell


Professor Stephen McHanwell


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Other Affiliations 

Emeritus Professor of Anatomical Sciences, School of Medicine, Newcastle University

Honorary Professor of Anatomy, University of Bristol

Academic Tutor, University of Sunderland, Medical School

Awards and Fellowships


Anatomical Society Fellow of the Year (2020)

Distinguished Professorial Contribution Award, Newcastle University (2018)

Erskine Fellowship, Univ. of Canterbury, Christchurch NZ (2011)

National Teaching Fellowship, Higher Education Academy (2007)

Student-Led Teaching Award for Outstanding Contribution to Teaching in Medical Sciences (2018)



Stephen graduated in Physiology from Newcastle University, before moving to the University of Bristol, graduating with a PhD in Physiology in 1976.  After two periods of postdoctoral work first in University College London then as an MRC French Exchange Fellow in the laboratory of Professor Nicole Le Douarin in Nogent-sur-Marne, Stephen was appointed to a lectureship in Anatomy in Newcastle University. Stephen was promoted to a Personal Chair in Anatomical Sciences in 2007. Stephen retired from full time education employment in Newcastle in 2020 with Emeritus status.

Stephen was awarded a National Teaching Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy in 2007 and elected Fellow of the Anatomical Society (FAS), the Royal Society of Biology (FRSB), the Linnaean Society (FLS) and the Royal Society of Arts (FRSA).

Stephen has extensive experience of leadership in anatomical education nationally and internationally.  Elected as a Councillor of the Anatomical Society in 1996 I was elected as  Honorary Education Officer of the Anatomical Society serving for nine years and then elected as Honorary Assistant Secretary of the Society for a further two years.  Stephen was a founder member of the Trans-European Pedagogic Anatomy Research Group (TEPARG) acting initially as Secretary General then serving as President for three years.  Currently Stephe is an Officer of TEPARG (Immediate Past President).  Stephen has held many external examinerships in anatomy for medical, dental, speech, anatomy degree, osteopathy, and chiropractic programmes.  

Though now retired from full time academic work, Stephen continues to maintain a personal academic role. This includes teaching dental anatomy at postgraduate level for on the MFDS course for Health Education North-East and on the Dental Implant course run by Shenfine Dental Education. Stephen is a regular reviewer for academic journals and textbooks, and regularly acts as an external assessor for promotion applications, as an external reviewer of degree programme approvals and for Advance HE as a reviewer of National Teaching Fellowship applications.  Stephen is an Associate Editor of the European Journal of Anatomy and is currently co-authoring a book with Marita Grimwood at Advance HE on Evidencing Teaching for Academic Purposes.  Stephen also holds an Honorary Professorship in Anatomy in the University of Bristol.

Teaching Overview

Stephen has been teaching anatomy, embryology, neuroscience, and physiology since my appointment in 1983 and has extensive experience of teaching medical, dental, and speech and science students at undergraduate and postgraduate level though his primary experience has been the teaching of anatomy and neuroanatomy to speech and dental students.

During Stephen's time in Newcastle, he held several leadership roles in learning and teaching for the University.  Stephen was course leader for the Medical Intercalated Degree Programmes for Medical and Dental students then Stage Leader for  Stages 1 and 2 of the BDS Programme.  At University level Stephen contributed to the learning and teaching agenda in a series of roles. Stephen was a member of the course team for the postgraduate certificate of academic practice programme for newly appointed academic staff mentoring and supporting staff in the Faculty of Medicine. Stephen chaired the Board of Studies for the Certificate Programme alongside acting as Chair of the Newcastle UKPSF Steering Group overseeing the experiential route to HEA UKPSF recognition in Newcastle. Stephen took any active role in the development, selection and mentoring of staff in Newcastle seeking National Teaching Fellowships. For 10 years until his retirement, Stephen led successive working groups promoting parity of esteem for reward and recognition of teaching work that built on his international work in this area (see below). Stephen was Director of the Faculty of Medical Sciences Education, Research Development and Practice Unit whose role was to support the development of education-focussed staff in the Faculty.  Stephen also developed a series of high-quality resources for anatomy learning including, most recently the editing of two chapters for the forthcoming 41st edition of Gray’s Anatomy. Stephen is a co-author of a Speech Anatomy Textbook the 2nd edition of which was published in 2018.

Research Overview

Stephen's research interests are focussed in two main areas.  In education Stephen has interests in reward and recognition of teaching, academic professional identities, and staff transition. Stephen was co-PI for the Newcastle arm of the HEA-funded international collaborative project Promoting Teaching the outputs of which were published by the Higher Education Academy in a series of reports.  Part of that work forms the subject of a book on Evidencing Your Teaching of which Stephen is a co-author, and which is due for publication by Critical Press in autumn 2023. Stephen has interests in the pedagogy of anatomy including how students learn in anatomy and also in curriculum theory. Stephen was part of a collaborative project carrying out a Delphi analysis of the Anatomical Society core anatomy syllabus; the results of which were published in Journal of Anatomy in 2016.  Stephen's other research interests are in clinical, developmental and neuro- anatomy of the larynx.  This work is carried out in collaboration with anatomical colleagues in Anatomia y Embriologia I, Complutense University, Madrid.

Selected Publications

Authored Books

  • Marita Grimwood and Stephen McHanwell.  Evidencing Your Teaching.  Critical Press due for publication in 2023
  • Atkinson M. and McHanwell, S (2018).  Basic Medical Science for Speech and Language Therapy Students.  (Pp xi+502 fully illustrated in black and white and colour). Revised 2nd Edition.  Guildford, England: J&R Press Ltd.

DVD and Online Outputs

Book Chapters and Reviews

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