Anatomy Teaching Staff

View profiles of our Anatomy Teaching Staff

Dr Abduelmenem Alashkham

Lecturer in Anatomy

Dr Saskia Clark-Stewart

Anatomy Research Fellow

Sameer Dhumale

Lecturer in Anatomy

Professor Gordon Findlater

Professor of Translational Anatomy

Professor Tom Gillingwater

Professor of Anatomy

Dr Gemma Hogg

Honorary Clinical Fellow

Dr Ross Alexander Jones

Lecturer in Clinical and Surgical Anatomy

Alethea Kelsey

Teaching Fellow in Anatomical Sciences

Dr Fanney Kristmundsdottir

Director of MBChB Anatomy teaching and Dean of Pastoral Care (Medicine) Director of Medical Electives

Dr Stephen Maclean

Lecturer in Anatomy

Victoria McCulloch

Lecturer in Anatomy

Dr Lyndsay Murray

Senior Lecturer in Anatomy

Olivia Murray

Anatomy Teaching Fellow

Dr Jennifer Paxton

Senior Lecturer in Anatomy

Philippa Ann Rust

Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer, Consultant Hand Surgeon

Dr Agnes Stefansdottir

Teaching Track Lecturer in Reproductive Biology

Mr Chris Thompson

Anatomy Teaching Fellow/ Surgical Demonstrator