Dr Lyndsay Murray

Senior Lecturer in Anatomy

Dr Lyndsay Murray

Senior Lecturer in Anatomy

  • University of Edinburgh

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Old Medical School
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Lyndsay graduated in Biological Sciences with Honours in Physiology from the University of Edinburgh. She continued her postgraduate studies at the University of Edinburgh, and was awarded an MSc in Life Science in 2006, before being awarded her PhD in 2010. Lyndsay subsequently took up a postdoctoral position at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute in Canada, under the supervision of Dr Rashmi Kothary. In 2014, Lyndsay returned to the University of Edinburgh to take up the position of Lecturer in Anatomy where she manages her own research group alongside contributing to the undergraduate and post graduate teaching of anatomy.

To date, Lyndsay has published over 20 articles in internationally recognised journals. Her research is supported by funding from a number of charities, including Families of SMA, Fight SMA, the Muscular Dystrophy Association and the Gwendolyn Strong Foundation.

Teaching overview

Lyndsay currently teaches anatomy on a number of degree programs offered by the university. This includes the undergraduate MBChB and Medical Sciences programs, as well as on the Masters in Anatomy course.

Research overview

Lyndsay’s research is focused on motor neuron vulnerability in motor neuron diseases, such as Spinal Muscular Atrophy. Her research aims to address the molecular and cellular changes which are associated with the onset of motor neuron degeneration, and those which are associated with motor neuron protection. Her lab using both molecular and morphological techniques to investigate both the degenerative and compensatory mechanisms occurring at the neuromuscular junction, and the molecular mechanisms of degeneration occurring at the cell body.

Selected representative publications

  • Murray LM., Beauvais A., Bhanot K. and R., K. (2012) Defects in Neuromuscular Junction Remodelling in the Smn2B/- Mouse Model of Spinal Muscular Atrophy. Neurobiology of disease, 49C: 57-67
  • Murray, LM., Gillingwater TH., Kothary R., (2013) Dissection of the mouse transversus abdominis muscle for whole-mount neuromuscular junction analysis. J Vis Exp. 83:e51162
  • Murray LM., Comely LH., Gillingwater TH., Parson SH. (2011) The response of neuromuscular junctions to injury is developmentally regulated. FASEB J. 25:1306-13
  • Murray LM, Thomson D, Conklin A, Wishart TM, Gillingwater TH (2008) Loss of translation elongation factor (eEF1A2) expression in vivo differentiates between Wallerian degeneration and dying-back neuronal pathology. J Anat. 213:633-45.
  • Murray LM, Comley LH, Thomson D, Parkinson N, Talbot K, GillingwaterTH (2008) Selective vulnerability of motor neurons and dissociation of pre- and post-synaptic pathology at the neuromuscular junction in mouse models of spinal muscular atrophy. Hum Mol Genet.17:949-62.