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Platform One

Platform One is a meeting place, a community place and a discussion place. It is where University of Edinburgh students, alumni, staff and volunteers can gather, mingle, inspire, support, encourage and share.

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Platform One people

Why Platform One?

Life is full of possibilities, opportunities and challenges.

We all need support, new ways of thinking about things, people to explore ideas with, reassurance, alternative points of view or simply practical help and advice. Sometimes friends, family or colleagues can provide what we need, but sometimes they can't. Where do we go? Who do we look to?

Platform One emerged from conversations about the University of Edinburgh as a community. Not just a community of students who are here now, but the bigger picture that includes staff and alumni. This community is powerful in its breadth and diversity, but also familiar and relatable. We all share something.

What if we could provide a place where our community can gather together? A single online location where students, alumni and staff can support each other.

This place is Platform One.

What is it with the faces?

All of the faces that we use to represent Platform One are members of our university community. They were asked to provide a range of expressions because sometimes life is brilliant and sometimes it isn't. It can be uplifting, confusing, stimulating, disheartening, invigorating, surprising, or even lots of conflicting emotions all at the same time

We are continually adding to our gallery of faces. Please get in touch if you are keen to join Platform One and can express an open mind, bewilderment or a desire to listen with a single raised eyebrow.

What about the quotes?

People's lives are not linear and our individual motivations are complex. 

We wanted to reflect this reality through quotes and asked our participants to share information, experiences or advice in a candid, unexpected or intriguing way. Some are edited for length, but all are exactly as they were communicated to us.

Platform One image and quote

Why no big marketing campaign?

We have decided to grow things gradually because it allows us to have more face to face conversations about the role that Platform One can play in university life. It helps us understand how to support different kinds of activities and interactions and allows us the space and time to learn and evolve gradually. 

This doesn't mean that we don't talk about Platform One. We talk about it all the time and are keen for you to do the same.

This is the beginning

What has been developed is a starting point. We would like to invite friends across the University community to try out Platform One where it would help you and others link together in a mutually beneficial way.

Join us on Platform One and think about the possibilities.

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