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Platform One

Platform One is a meeting place, a community place and a discussion place. It is where University of Edinburgh students, alumni, staff and volunteers can gather, mingle, inspire, support, encourage and share.

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Why Platform One?

Life is full of possibilities, opportunities and challenges.

We all need support, new ways of thinking about things, people to explore ideas with, reassurance, alternative points of view or simply practical help and advice. Sometimes friends, family or colleagues can provide what we need, but sometimes they can't. Where do we go? Who do we look to?

Platform One emerged from conversations about the University of Edinburgh as a community. Not just a community of students who are here now, but the bigger picture that includes staff and alumni. This community is powerful in its breadth and diversity, but also familiar and relatable. We all share something.

What if we could provide a place where our community can gather together? A single online location where students, alumni and staff can support each other.

This place is Platform One.

How-to videos

1. How to sign-in to Platform One and access your personal profile

Video: Platform One - signing in to your profile
Instructions on how to sign in to Platform One

2. How to complete your profile

Video: Platform One - how to complete your profile
Instructions on how to complete your Platform One profile

3. How to search for someone and send a message

Video: Platform One - how to search and send a message
Platform One - video instructions on how to search for someone and send a message

Need more help?

Requesting some help is easy – simply click the button below and fill out the online form (UUN log-in required) to let us know what assistance you need. We will get back to you within 24 hours, and you will be on your way to establishing a meaningful connection with another member of Platform One. 

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Join us on Platform One and think about the possibilities.

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