Alumni Services

Global community

Graduates of the University of Edinburgh belong to a global community of over 300,000 people. This professional and social network provides a lifetime of support with clubs and contacts across the world, along with a range of groups and resources online.


Over 165,000 University of Edinburgh alumni live and work in the UK.

North America

With over 27,000 alumni currently residing in North America, the University has well-established alumni networks across the region.


Over 15,000 University of Edinburgh alumni live and work across mainland Europe.

Latin America

In 2013, the University launched a new Regional Centre in Latin America. The Centre supports and grows alumni networks in the region.

Middle East

With a growing number of students from the Middle East choosing to come to Edinburgh we are keen to grow our networks in the region.

Asia and Pacific

The University has around 12,000 alumni based in the Asia and Pacific region with the main centres being mainland China, Australia, India and Japan.


We now have over 3,600 alumni living across Africa, and this number continues to grow.

Special interest

Clubs, societies and subject areas also have established alumni groups who meet socially and provide professional support and guidance.

Get involved

We provide practical assistance to support all our volunteer-led activity - from setting up an alumni group to supporting future and current students.


You can establish links with alumni all over the world and network online by joining us on Platform One, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube.