Being Edinburgh
Being Edinburgh, the award.

Why Being Edinburgh?

Sharing stories, recognising achievement and getting to know our university community.

Our annual alumni award is about a desire to know more about individuals whose lives and achievements should be shared and celebrated. People who are making a difference in ways that aren't always visible, but whose actions positively affect others.

The award is about shared values rather than an absolute measure of success.

The idea of a University of Edinburgh community that draws together the past, the present and the future is fluid and ever changing, but there are experiences, memories and people that bind us together and create something that is more than just a place where we once studied or currently work. This award highlights individuals whose lives articulate this idea of a shared something, and who make us proud to be connected to their passion, their drive and their brilliance.

Julija Straizyte is a freelance illustrator from Lithuania based in Edinburgh.
Julija Straizyte and her work.

Our illustrations

The Being Edinburgh illustrations were created by Julija Straizyte. 

Julija is a freelance illustrator from Lithuania based in Edinburgh. After graduating from Edinburgh College of Art in 2017, she has been building her portfolio, working on her personal ideas as well as collaborative projects, such as editorial illustration, album cover artwork and poster design.

Most of Julija’s images are monochromatic, with a special focus on characters, symbolism, graphics, lines, shapes and patterns.  You can find out more about Julija and her work by visiting her website.

Julija Straizyte's website (external link)

Where next?

We hope that you have started to think about someone.

Read on to find out more about who we want to celebrate and how you can put a name forward.

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