Being Edinburgh
Being Edinburgh, the award.

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We want our award to represent the diversity and multiplicity of the University community.

To reach into each corner of our community we need your help.

We all have personal and professional networks which, when knitted together, represent an interconnected web of brilliant and inspiring people. Being Edinburgh isn't just about your nomination, it is the nomination that you sparked into existence or gently nudged forward. Being Edinburgh is also about the vote.

Once we have a shortlist, we need your help to promote the vote and the candidates. If you have a favourite, please use the individual videos, if not we have longer videos that are either generic or that feature all three.

We have created a few things to help you spread the word. If what you need isn't here, then please let us know.

Digital assets

A range of digital assets can be found on the Being Edinburgh SharePoint site. The site is accessible to University of Edinburgh staff and students. If you have any problems accessing the site, please contact

Being Edinburgh vote promotion on SharePoint

Promotional video

Video on Media Hopper

Video: Being Edinburgh, the award
Being Edinburgh is an idea as much as it is an award. It is the idea that there are a shared set of values, memories and experiences that make our community of students and former students unique. We want to better understand this by learning more about what our former students are doing and how they are Being Edinburgh in a myriad of different, but equally brilliant ways.

Video on YouTube

Being Edinburgh, the award on YouTube (external)

Printable posters

Being Edinburgh, the award
Posters available on request.

PDFs suitable for printing are available on request. They are big files and no one would thank us if we put them on the website. We also have png versions if you would prefer an image for an electronic noticeboard. Please email and we can send you the files.