Being Edinburgh
Being Edinburgh, the award.

Who could be the one?

Do you know someone who makes you glow with positivity?

Being Edinburgh is an idea as much as it is an award.

It is the idea that there is a shared set of values, memories and experiences that make our community of students and former students unique. We want to better understand this by learning more about what our former students are doing and how they are Being Edinburgh in a myriad of different, but equally brilliant ways.

We need you*

*And by that we mean current students, former students and university staff.

  • When you think about a former student from the University of Edinburgh, who makes you proud?
  • Who is making a difference in a way that makes you want to tell other people about them?
  • Whose story and achievements need to be more well known?
  • When you think about what it means to make a difference, who do you think about?
  • Who makes you want to be better when you think about them?

Why Being Edinburgh?

Find out more about the concept behind the award:

Why Being Edinburgh?

Tell us about someone amazing

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