Being Edinburgh
Being Edinburgh, the award.

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Details of the nomination, selection and voting process.

When does everything happen?

Date Stage
17 January 2024 Nominations open
2 February 2024 Nominations close at 5pm
26 February 2024 Online vote opens
11 March 2024 Online vote closes at 5pm
4 April 2024  Winner announced at Edinburgh University Students' Association awards

Who can put a name forward?

University of Edinburgh staff, former students and matriculated students can nominate.

Who can be nominated for Being Edinburgh, the award?

You can nominate any living former student of the University of Edinburgh. This includes those who spent time at the University as part of a Junior Year Abroad or Erasmus, as well as those who have completed postgraduate online learning programmes. Former students of Moray House School of Education and Sport, and Edinburgh College of Art are also applicable, regardless of whether the institution was part of the University of Edinburgh at the time of study.

Can I nominate myself?

Self nomination is not allowed, but you can gently nudge a university friend and ask them to put you forward.

Do I have to know my nomination personally?

No you don't. You might have heard about someone on a podcast or read about them online and been inspired to put their name forward. This is absolutely a good thing. There is a small possibility that we will not have contact details for, or otherwise be able to get in touch with, all nominated individuals and so they will not be eligible for the shortlist. Fingers crossed that this doesn't happen, but you never know. 

Selection criteria

We don't have a list that can be shared because this isn't a tick box process. We are looking for passionate champions who present compelling reasons why their nominated individual should be shortlisted for the online vote.

The award is called Being Edinburgh because we wanted to step away from rigid definitions of success and present something less tangible but potentially more powerful. Success, achievement, impact and even just being amazing, mean different things to different people. This award is about why you think your nominated former student should be shouted about and celebrated.

Your nomination

  • Please submit your online nomination before 5pm on TBC
  • If you require assistance in completing the form, please contact a member of the alumni relations team –
  • Supporting statements can be up to 500 words long.
  • Links to supporting materials (e.g. press coverage, biographies, interviews) that will enhance your nomination are encouraged.
  • We recommend keeping a copy of your supporting statement for reference as incomplete forms can’t be saved and returned to at a later date.
  • If you feel comfortable contacting your nominee, then we encourage you to let them know that they have been put forward for the award.
  • All nominations will be treated in confidence, and the shortlisted nominees will only be announced once we have confirmed that they are happy to take part.


  • The selection committee will meet in mid-February to shortlist and the winner will be chosen by an online vote.
  • The vote is open to all University of Edinburgh staff, former students and matriculated students.
  • We are hoping to shortlist 3 or 4 names, but are open to as many as 5 or 6 if the quality of the candidates demands it.
  • Each person can only vote once.
  • The online voting will be promoted via the University's social media channels and in direct emails to alumni.

Awards night

  • The winner will be announced at the EUSA Student Awards on TBC.

Terms and conditions

The nominator agrees to:

  • Provide personal information that is in all respects true, accurate and up to date.
  • Notify the University of Edinburgh immediately of any relevant changes in their application/nomination at any stage during the application process.

Nomination rules and restrictions

  • It is possible to nominate more than one person.
  • Members of the selection committee are not permitted to nominate or vote.
  • Members of the Being Edinburgh project team within Development and Alumni at the University of Edinburgh are not permitted to nominate or vote.