Being Edinburgh
Being Edinburgh, the award.

Behind the scenes

To ensure full transparency we have detailed the selection process and shared details of the system used for online voting.

Selection committee

  • Applications will be shortlisted by a selection committee made up of a cross-section of the University community.
  • The selection committee will meet in early February and the shortlisted nominees will be contacted by the end of February. 
  • Members of the selection committee are not permitted to nominate or vote.

Who's on the 2022 committee?

Seth Amanfo     

Alumnus, Research Fellow, Centre for Global Health

Ellen Blunsdon

Alumna, Disabled Students' Officer at the University of Law

Johanna Holtan

Program Director, Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program

Natalie Hotchkiss            

Alumna, Programme Coordinator at Pagoda Projects

Ellen MacRae

President, Edinburgh University Students' Association

Briana Pegado

Alumna, Executive Director at Creative Edinburgh

Ross Simpson

Head of Sports Development

Dr Neil Spiers

Widening Participation Manager

Liesbeth Tip

Clinical Fellow and PhD student in Clinical Psychology

Ian Yang              

Current student in Medicinal and Biological Chemistry