British Sign Language Plan

BSL Awareness training

The University of Edinburgh published its first ever British Sign Language (BSL) Plan in October 2018, as a requirement of the BSL (Scotland) Act 2015. This training has been developed to provide participants with a greater understanding of BSL as a language; find out more about the BSL Plan and the University’s duty to implement actions; how to effectively work with BSL users and BSL/English interpreters; and an insight into Deaf culture.

Testimonials from previous attendees can be viewed on the University's bulletin magazine.

Please get in touch with Alison Hendry, BSL Development Officer, if you have any questions regarding the BSL Awareness training. 

May 03 2023 -

BSL Awareness training

Build on your knowledge of British Sign Language with our BSL Awareness training!

Face to face sessions are now being offered, as well as online via Zoom. Please check your selected date to see which format the training is being delivered.