British Sign Language Plan

British Sign Language Plan 2024-2030

The University of Edinburgh has developed a plan for supporting the use of British Sign Language (BSL) in University activities.

Each section is presented in BSL, with English below.

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BSL Plan Introduction

Plan introduction
The University of Edinburgh is proud to present its second British Sign Language (BSL) Plan for 2024 to 2030, outlining our priorities and actions for promoting the use, learning and visibility of BSL across the University.

The University of Edinburgh BSL Plan

Our plan
We have identified six BSL National Plan priority areas which will embed BSL across the University


The implementation of the University of Edinburgh BSL Plan 2024-2030 will be facilitated by the BSL Plan Implementation Working Group.

British Sign Language Plan 2018-2024

View the University of Edinburgh's BSL plan for 2018-2024