British Sign Language Plan

Summer School for Deaf and Hard of Hearing students

An overview of the Summer School events that have been delivered at the University of Edinburgh.

A group of people are being led on a tour of the University of Edinburgh, with McEwan Hall on the right.
Beth and Annwen from SignSoc begin the central campus tour.

As per the University of Edinburgh's first-ever British Sign Language (BSL) Plan published in 2018, one of the actions within the plan refers to the delivery of a bespoke Summer School:

24. Plan a three-day summer school for deaf BSL users and other deaf students to attract students to our University 


There have been three separate Summer School events delivered in online (2021) and in-person (2022 and 2023). A total of 23 deaf and hard of hearing young people from all over the UK have attended these. A detailed report about each Summer School can be read on the following links:


Some quotes from participants on their thoughts about Summer School:


The fact it was for Deaf people only. There's not many of those available

The information about all the help that will be available to me as a deaf student applying to university. As before this was very confusing and complicated to me.

Meeting new deaf people across the UK, as I wouldn't have that opportunity if it wasn't for the event.

Everybody got along really well, even though there were some barriers.

Getting the experience of living in halls and meeting new people.

I enjoyed having the opportunity to meet and become friends with other people like me

Young people are sitting at a table watching a presentation delivered by a member of University staff.
Bjorn from the EUSA team gives more information about students' association.
A group of young people are standing in a climbing wall room and one person is halfway up a wall.
Enjoying some downtime at the climbing wall in Pleasance!
10 individuals all in a lecture hall, there is a PowerPoint at the top of the wall with a Chemistry slide.
Participants attending a Chemistry lecture.
A group of young people are sitting in a lecture hall facing the presenter who is introducing herself using BSL.
Lindsay, from the law school, introduces herself in BSL.