British Sign Language Plan

D. Post-school education

We share the long-term goal for post- school education set out in the BSL National Plan, which is: “BSL users will be able to maximise their potential at school, will be supported to transition to post-school education if they wish to do so, and will receive the support they need to do well in their chosen subject(s).”

Action Timescale Action By Oversight responsibility

20. We will take action to ensure that students and prospective students who use BSL are properly supported. This will include:

  • Providing accessible information about what BSL users can expect from the University,
  • Providing quality access to open days for prospective students who use BSL,
  • Offer assistance to students who use BSL to help them apply for Disabled Student Allowances,
  • Providing support & access throughout the student journey for students who use BSL , e.g. SMS contacts, personal tutor has fluent BSL skills or BSL / English interpreter booked,
  • Support during the transition process from school or college to university.
Quality access to and support for classroom learning and assessment, including field trips, visits and placements.
By 2018/19


with Student Recruitment and Admissions (SRA), Schools and BSL Officer

Director of Student Wellbeing

21. Take on board guidance/advice produced by the SFC and others to ensure that across the Colleges and University, staff are aware of their responsibilities towards BSL users, and that students who use BSL know what to expect. From 2018/19

BSL working group

with SDS
Deputy Secretary, Student Experience
22. Offer teaching staff and hearing peers deaf and BSL awareness training early in their programmes when there are deaf and BSL using students on their courses. By 2019/20


with BSL Officer
Director of Student Wellbeing
23. Support the development and implementation of systems so that deaf students see all videos on their courses with subtitles. By 2018/19

All Schools

SDS with BSL Officer
Director of SDS

24. Plan a three-day summer school for deaf BSL users and other deaf students to attract the brightest and best students to our University.

By 2019/20


with BSL Officer and Accommodation, Catering and Events
Director of Student Wellbeing
25. Investigate barriers which BSL users and deaf students may face in undergraduate degrees in medicine, veterinary medicine and law, providing solutions and encouraging deaf applicants. By 2022/23

School of Law and CMVM

with BSL Officer and Admissions

Deputy Secretary, Student Experience
26.  Provide BSL/English interpretation for anyone who books it for student graduation events, including appropriate seating arrangements and responsive communication with people requesting it. By 2018/19

Student Administrative Services

with BSL Officer
Director of Student Systems and Administration