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BLOG: A memorable meeting with Princess Anne in Sri Lanka

Third-year Master of Family Medicine student, Rishi Rasalingam, encountered a royal meeting with Princess Anne in Sri Lanka.

By Gajarishiyan Rasalingam (‘Rishi’) | Student and Commonwealth scholar

Meeting Her Royal Highness Princess Anne during her visit to Sri Lanka to celebrate 75 years of diplomatic relations between Great Britain and Sri Lanka was a surreal and unforgettable experience. As a special invitee, the thrill of being in the presence of royalty was unparalleled.

During our session, Princess Anne delved into discussions about the Sri Lankan healthcare system, demonstrating a keen interest in understanding the challenges and advancements in the field. The conversation also revolved around the impact of Commonwealth and Chevening scholarships on the educational landscape of Sri Lanka. It was a privilege to share insights into my studies on the Master of Family Medicine programme at the University of Edinburgh, shedding light on the significant strides made in healthcare education.

A highlight of the meeting was discussing my research on adolescent mental health issues in Sri Lanka. Princess Anne's genuine curiosity and engagement showcased her commitment to understanding the intricacies of the country's healthcare and societal concerns. The exchange provided an invaluable opportunity to bridge cultural gaps and foster a deeper understanding of the shared challenges faced by nations.

In those moments, it became evident that the meeting went beyond protocol; it was a meaningful dialogue that emphasized the importance of international collaboration in addressing global issues. The encounter with Her Royal Highness Princess Anne will forever be etched in my memory as a unique and enriching experience.

Photograph of MPH student Rishi Rasalingam meeting The Princess Royal