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STUDY WITH US: Choosing an MSc Data Science for Health and Social Care

The data revolution is here to stay and has led to the development of the MSc Data Science for Health and Social Care postgraduate programme.

Data is revolutionising the way health and social care is delivered. The demand for health and social care professionals with data science skills is unprecedented.

Now, more than ever before, it has become essential for people working in health and social care roles, and those seeking to develop skills that can be applied in health and social care, to upskill in data science. This has led to the development of our new MSc Data Science for Health and Social Care degree.  

With our suite of Data Science for Health and Social Care courses we aim to create a vibrant learning environment that enables you to realise the value of data to benefit the health and wellbeing of citizens.

Michelle EvansProgramme Director

1. Highly relevant degree

This flexible part-time fully online programme will provide you with a solid foundation of knowledge and skills, enabling you to adopt new capabilities to engage effectively with data-driven approaches in the health and social care sector. It will provide you with the capacity to realise the value of data within public and private health and social care organisations. Ultimately, it will equip you with a range of skills, tools and understanding to use the transformational power of data to improve health and wellbeing and the management of care systems locally and globally.  

2. Create your own learning pathway, tailored to your own needs 

We offer a wide choice of courses on our programme to allow you to create your own personalised learning pathway to meet individual learning needs. You will have the opportunity to customise your learning experience by selecting optional courses delivered by our world-renowned experts and leaders across the University.

You will also have access to modern, intuitive, fully accessible and responsive technology tools and systems. You can learn on any device with an internet connection, anywhere in the world, at any time. Online learning allows you to remain flexible, achieving your qualification alongside work or other commitments.

3. A proven track record of data-driven innovation 

By choosing this programme, you will become a student of the prestigious University of Edinburgh, ranked one of the world’s top 20 universities. You will be part of the Usher Institute, which is a world leader in the development and translation of data-driven innovation in health and social care.

First established in 1902, the Usher Institute is home to the oldest chair of public health in the UK and has a strong international reputation for research and teaching excellence. The Usher Institute is one of six Data-Driven Innovation (DDI) Hubs funded by the Edinburgh and South East Scotland City Region Deal. In recent years, the Usher Institute has become well-recognised for its contribution to the COVID-19 response, which includes conducting research, advising the Scottish and UK governments and providing global public health advice and data.   

4. Using real-world data 

DataLoch is a new, secure, pioneering data service, established by an initial partnership between the Usher Institute at The University of Edinburgh and NHS Lothian. DataLoch brings together health and social care data for the region, working with experts in health and social care to understand and improve this data and providing secure access to data for academics, clinicians and innovators to help them solve the challenges that really matter.

Through our partnership with DataLoch, we are able to securely access real life and synthetic health and social care data for teaching, including case studies, problem-based learning activities and for the final year dissertation research project.  

5. A vibrant data-driven community 

By choosing to study with us, you will be part of a cohort of international students focused on shaping the future of health and social care from a diverse range of professional and academic backgrounds. You will explore complex data-driven health and social care challenges from different global perspectives, building long-lasting connections with peers across disciplines and programmes within the university. 

Our data-driven programme will equip you with the data skills, capabilities and competencies that will allow you to realise the value of data in your current role, and open opportunities and new career paths as they arise across the health and social care sector.

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