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FEATURING: MSc Epidemiology student, Bisola Olubiyi

Listen to a recent IELTS podcast hosted by Ben Worthington, as he chats with online MSc Epidemiology student Bisola Olubiyi about her journey at the University of Edinburgh

Photo of Bisola Olubiyi

Find out how Bisola facilitated her application, why she decided to do her degree online, and how she manages her studies around her strong and successful path as a medical doctor, clinical investigator and mother.

IELTS podcast episode

About our MSc Epidemiology

Our part-time epidemiology programme sets the foundation for understanding and improving population health. It underpins medical research, investigates the causes of disease, and evaluates intervention to prevent or control disease. Students work with datasets to develop a portfolio of statistical and data science skills and become prepared to take on leading roles in epidemiology, by developing the skills needed to address contemporary population health problems. The flexible, online programme can be completed and adapted around a full schedule.

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About the IELTSPodcast

The IELTSPodcast is run by Ben Worthington and Ellen Gwendolyn. Ben founded the IELTSPodcast with a view to a create a platform that would help students improve their English and achieve their study and life goals. Podcast episodes are released weekly and covers essay writing techniques, strategies to improve speaking skills and reading advice to help pass the IELTS exam.

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