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Connected projects

Welcome to the connected projects research hub, an access point for EAVE II's 'connected projects'.

As the EAVE II project has grown and developed, several new research studies have come about. We refer to them as EAVE II connected projects.

Find out more at: What are connected projects?

For some of these projects, we showcase below their research outputs and provide further information on their teams, contact information, funding and partnerships.

The list below has been divided into ongoing projects at the top, and completed projects at the bottom. 


COVID-19 Health Impact on Long-term Child Development in Scotland (CHILDS) study.


The COALESCE study looks to provide both the UK and the devolved governments (Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales) with the information necessary to actionably improve COVID-19 vaccine uptake and coverage.


The COVID-19 in Pregnancy in Scotland (COPS) study aims to find out how COVID-19 infection during pregnancy affects mothers and babies.


The Long COVID study is working towards developing and validating a risk prediction model for Long COVID using the EAVE II study in Scotland.


The Rapid Outcomes of COVID therapeutics in Eave II (ROCOVE) study is Investigating the uptake, safety, and effectiveness of monoclonal antibody therapy for COVID-19.

Vaccine Booster Breakthroughs

Project investigating serious COVID-19 'breakthrough' events that occur after a person is given their Autumn 2022 / second booster dose vaccine.


National Core Studies - Data and Connectivity: COVID-19 Vaccines Pharmacovigilance (DaC-VaP). This study ran from January 2021 - October 2021 and is now complete.


The impact of COVID-19 vaccines in pregnancy, children and young people, and vulnerable groups (DaC-VaP-2) study. This study is now complete. Some publications are in progress /in press.

Vaccine Breakthroughs Project

Project investigating serious COVID-19 'breakthough' events that occur after a person is given their primary and third / booster dose COVID-19 vaccines.

For a full list of our connected projects, and links to their main web-pages, visit:

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